I've made some really awesome progress on my niche app the past few days. Am hoping to have it on the store soon.

My trips to the grocery store this past week have revealed something crucial to my short-term future:

It is Egg Nog Season™

Brain woke me up at 4:15 AM. Haven’t been able to get back to sleep. We’ll see how the day goes with barely 5 hours of sleep... 🧟‍♂️

Every time I present "A Better MVC", the #1 piece of feedback I get is "that's nice; where's the code?"

I finally have an answer for you.

I've spent the past 2 days working up a basic "to do" app that applies the principles I talk about. It's not perfect, but I hope it gets the point across:


Am feeling the itch to re-write DDMathParser to support partial parsing

Even though I've got a half-dozen iOS devices sitting around and listening in my office, I'm pretty impressed with how consistently my correctly picks up my commands

Just ordered a aftermarket unit for my Mazda2. The one I've been eyeing for months suddenly showed up as 25% off: amzn.to/2OL6QuG

OK, what is up with Mojave screenshots? Is it really a 3+ step process now to take a screenshot just to drag in to a chat message?

Some good developments on the personal front today...

Today is my last day at Snap.

Finally home after a long but extremely satisfying trip to

This is kind of a "well, duh" moment for me, but I *just* realized that setting a "flexible width, flexible height" autoresizing mask and translating into constraints is NOT the same thing as pinning the top, bottom, leading, and trailing edges.

Finally found the source of a bunch of minor layout issues

I just realized you can add init() methods to `Never` in an extension.

As long as you fatalError() in there, the compiler is totally fine with it.

This is very very interesting to me.

If you're interested in the slides I presented at on "A Better MVC", I've actually uploaded them for once:


I put in some extra effort to replace animations w/ arrows in the pdf so you can kinda sorta get the same effect.

It's basically the idea that, to me (and you're welcome to disagree cuz you know we're all human), a UIView is a *static* thing. You give it text/colors/images to show, and that's it.

To me, *mutating* that, whether immediately or w/ animation, does not belong in a "static" UIView, but belongs to that view's UIViewController.

Thus, UIViewController is responsible for shoving data into your UI and shoving *around* your UI, and not much else. To me, that makes it a View.

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Now that is over and my latest delivery of is done, I've just realized a better articulation of *why* I believe UIViewController belongs in the View layer of your app

I've been rehearsing my presentation and oh my god I love the Logitech Spotlight remote. Hands down the best presentation remote I've ever used: amzn.to/2x6NmWH

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