I would love to see an Apple Watch charger that was just the puck with a lightning connector hole on the side, so I could plug it in to a lightning cable.

I filed a radar on this years ago, but I think it got closed. I don't really know why though; this would be amazing to toss in my Bag O' Dongles.

@sirshannon I'm talking about the USB-A → puck charger that comes in the watch box, not that massive monstrosity

@davedelong And now that I re-re-read your post, I guess you’re talking about the little puck, not the container puck that you plug the lightning cable into. Sorry.

@sirshannon yep, that one! iFixit did a teardown of one, and I can see there's not much spare room inside, but I'd be willing to have it be a little bigger if I could get rid of the dumb cable

@davedelong FWIW, it packs nicely thanks yo being flat and the detachable cable. It’s the only charging “stand” we pack for vacations. It is really heavy, though. Okay for suitcase or gadget bag but not for every day carry.
Your idea is perfect, I never considered it. Right now, we travel as a family with 1 laptop, 2 iPads, 2 watches, and 3 iPhones. My laptop charger is only specialized cable required.

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