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Also I accidentally discovered a nice usage of key paths.

Haven't really come across one of those before 👍

Nice progress so far on . I've now got it intelligently aggregating mounted volume info from multiple sources.

It's not obvious, but the stuff in the list is coming from both NSWorkspace and DiskArbitration. I've got infrastructure in place now to support new kinds of volume sources, like IOKit or Things Which Must Not Be Named...

My goal for this labor-day weekend is to get my ejector app in a shippable state by EOD Monday. 🤞

Made the mistake of getting on the birdsite this morning.

self.faithInHumanity -= 1


Gonna check out the new offices in Santa Monica

I’m excited to dig back in to hopper tonight after work and family time.

I’ve made some great progress on my app because of it

I just wanna say: Hopper Disassembler is pretty amazing.

The pseudocode it generates needs a lot of love, but it's an AWESOME first step. I've now got just about everything I need for my app.

For the record open office plans are not just a bad idea they are actively abrasive and flat out ablest garbage - speaking as someone who has sensory issues and is a bit on the loud side it is hell

I think I'm going to end up trying to sell this app.

I've had enough Neat Ideas™ around it that I've got a decent roadmap of planned features

After digging through StorageKit, the daemon it connects to, and DiskManagement.framework, I've discovered myself back at DiskArbitration.framework

I am likely to be eaten by a grue.

Well, StorageKit is a bust. It turns out it wants to connect to a daemon (storagekitd), but won't from my app.

Spoofing the daemon connection and entitlements is probably a lot more than I want to do.

Hey , let's take a look at this daemon...

If DiskArbitration can’t tell me what I need, I may have to dig in to the private StorageKit framework. According to Hopper, that’s what Disk Utility appears to use.

I am so far down this rabbit hole it’s kind of silly.

Did you know it’s actually quite difficult to know if a volume is ejectable or not?

I have quickly outgrown NSFileManger's volume APIs and am digging in to the DiskArbitration framework.

What have I gotten myself in to.

Unless someone knows of a largely turn-key alternative? I can see this app being quite useful...

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