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I would love to see an Apple Watch charger that was just the puck with a lightning connector hole on the side, so I could plug it in to a lightning cable.

I filed a radar on this years ago, but I think it got closed. I don't really know why though; this would be amazing to toss in my Bag O' Dongles.

It still blows my mind that Utah, one of the best of the US states for winter sports, doesn't haven't anything close to any sort of hockey scene.

We have decent NBA and MLS teams, but I'd love to see NFL and NHL teams move in to town.

Just bought tickets for our family to go see the Vancouver Canucks play in on my wife's birthday!

Awesome birthday present for her, and hooray for pre-season games getting played in non-standard cities!

Polishing off my presentation while getting engrossed in the soundtracks. I love this music!

The number of turnovers in this vs game is something I’d expect out of a pastry shop, and not a game




When you remove humans from the decision-making process, you also remove the potential for humanity from that process.

Protip for Chrome users: to improve your security when using Google Chrome, uninstall it and use a browser that’s not from a company which makes its money from spying on you 24/7

@KevinHoctor I'm gonna be passing through the Madrid duty free shops in ~2 weeks... anything you'd recommend from here?

The website is a nightmare. I can't figure out how to do anything on it.

Change of plans today; not much happening on , unfortunately.

Got other fish to fry and other bridges to burn

The amount of interest you pay on a mortgage is criminal

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