The local feed isn't much use on dot social, is it? I'm starting to understand why people set up their own instances.

In 50 days, Angie is getting a kidney transplant. One of our closest friends is giving her the literal gift of life.

"Sacked in the Morning. You're Getting Sacked in the Morning." - Tottenham Hotspur fans.

John McCain didn't lose a battle with cancer. It was never a fight he could win. I hope his family and loved ones find peace in knowing he's no longer suffering.

I'm sure sriracha slaw could be delicious done the right way. The Comerica Park press dining room is, sadly, not using that way.

Watching a live feed from Hawaii. Looking at the hurricane's surf while knowing there's a volcano erupting behind the camera.

Buzz just brought me a centipede. That was kind of him.

Forget about the Mueller investigation for a second. How the Stormy Daniels payoff, confirmed today in federal court, not an impeachable offense?

The president knowingly broke laws to pay hush money to avoid a scandal that could cost him the election.

Doesn't that sound a lot like Watergate?

Is there a Boost Toot Boogie? (joke stolen from my wife, who has not yet begun to toot.)


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