@davelester As can #Epicyon epicyon.net/
Epicyon is an AGPL licensed ActivityPub protocol compliant federated social network server suitable for hosting a small number of accounts on low power systems requiring minimal maintenance, such as single board computers.

Taking a look at as a alternative to self-hosted Mastodon. pleroma.social Looks like Pleroma can run on a RaspberryPI

@davelester I set up a pre-baked Digital Ocean droplet. Pretty straightforward.

Folks running your own servers: what has your experience been in terms of reliability, resources, upgrades, etc? I’d like to explore a minimal setup on my personal domain where I am the only user.

Is there a preferred hashtag or community where users discuss the basics of using the project? I'm imagining something like or .

Hello, Mastodon! My name is Dave and I use social media to share my thoughts related to open source software and developer communities. I'm eager to connect with others and learn more about the community


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