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I'm Dave. Any pronouns OK.

I'm making an open-galaxy action/exploration game called Pan Galactic Railway about piloting the only space train in the universe. Check out for details.

Other weird games at

I've lived in Japan for 4 years now, but my Japanese is garbage. I love it here a lot, though.

I'm into games, illustration, and music with weird sounds.

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being heat signature friends with @HTHR means finding the most entertaining gear

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my father-in-law says he wants to invest in my game and I can't tell if he's joking but I gotta wonder how much money does he feel like losing

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dragons in Dragalia Lost

big beefy Smaug-looking motherfucker: okay, yes, good

lithe, serpentine fella: sure, I’ve seen this kind of dragon too, approved

just a cute anime girl but with fangs and horns: all right, not really a dragon, but I can’t say I didn’t expect this

a literal unicorn: my dudes…I think you got some mythological wires crossed somewhe—

Joan of Arc: okay LISTEN

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