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I'm Dave. Any pronouns OK.

I'm making an open-galaxy action/exploration game called Pan Galactic Railway about piloting the only space train in the universe. Check out for details.

Other weird games at

I've lived in Japan for 4 years now, but my Japanese is garbage. I love it here a lot, though.

I'm into games, illustration, and music with weird sounds.

jesus, spotify's account system is a disaster

I originally signed up using facebook, which means it's impossible to detangle the two services and I needed to create a new account

so I did, and it asked, "What should I call you?" so I typed Dave

so I guess that's my username now, and it's impossible to change! what a mess

dis you know pennsylvania gets its name because it combines the genres of pencils and castlevania

KISS = Keep It Simple, Stupid
DRY = Don’t Repeat Yourself (imbecile...)
YAGNI = You Aren’t Gonna Need It (idiot...)
the acronyms that software engineers make for programming principles are too negative!!! 😔 we need to rebrand:
LET’S DAB = LET’S Do Are Best

*doesn't see the hashtag resistance*
wow what is this apolitical space

amazing take that masto is crumbling because we don't froth at the mouth when the president misspells hamburger

might fuck around and create the spiritual successor to citizen kane later

it's gonna have influence but it's kinda lame to release a game waving a big earthbound flag

true fans of earthbound don't try to make shitty copies of earthbound

I told my partner I wouldn't buy any more controllers but I played smash with a gamecube controller at a friends house last night and fffffffff

Tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of GENDERWRECKED: Post-Apocalyptic Genderpunk. As thanks for your kindness, generosity, and support over the past year, the game is 50% off (just $3.33!) for the next week!!!!!

(images hidden for drawn gore)

gonna turn off my brain and play rocket league

car go fly hit ball

ok marie kondo, going to grab some clothes and seeing this instead of the usual random piles did in fact spark joy today

to get this, I had to
- Start a new galaxy so warzones were more frequent
- Liberate just enough stations to get audacious and mistake missions
- Get a character with a bunch of teleporters and the glitcher pod so I could quickly jump over to the attacking ship and take out its captain before it destroyed my target

playing Mother 3 again for the first time in FOREVER and I forgot about the immortal magic drag queens who live in a giant seashell and so far I can't decide if it's problematic or awesome

UGH this is the last one and it's not only pretty hard but basically an impossible to find mission in the first place

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