hello mastodon, twitter has driven me away with nonsense new features so uh what are we doing here today

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Not Today, Satan

My Weekend's Basically Shot, Satan

How's Tuesday Looking, Satan

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For every boost this toot gets I will secrete endorphins in my brain, stimulating the production of dopamine, giving me a sense of pleasure

movie griping 

we watched blade runner 2049 and holy shit what a garbage movie. what a misogynist, boring, pointless movie. woof.

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I want to grow up and have a house that looks like something from fucking myst. you gotta use the bathroom? hope you're up on your astronomy fucker

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Here's a troll Mario Maker level I made specifically as a nice gift for my friend @davemakes. I think it's pretty good in case anyone else wants to try [suffer through] it: GFB-D9X-6TF

I heard Schitt's Creek is like Arrested Development but the characters become likeable people and I think redeeming the awful rich family is a bad idea, actually

it would be cool if my body put more effort into growing hair on top of my head instead of everywhere else

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stayed up late to finish outer wilds last night, and yeah. dang. that's a hell of a game

outer wilds 

trying to figure out this quantum moon is driving me mad, and dealing with brittle hollow is FRUSTRATING

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There’s a shoe store closing at the mall in a few days, so almost all the stock is gone and it’s a great opportunity to see the least desirable shoes in the world. Only the truly awful ones are left now. Just absolute disasters

Did you watch that Sonic Movie trailer and wish there was a videogame tie-in? Well, has started, and there's a whole month to make your vision of whatever the Sonic the Hedgehog the Movie the Game would be!

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I'm releasing new music next Tuesday! My folky/spacey four-song OST from Ecoverse, a game about ecological restoration. Made in partnership this winter with Girls Make Games & designed by Dakota, a 14 y/o game designer from California.

This one's called "Spacewalk". ☄️🌌🌍✨🎶

Cover illustration by Alex Clauss - aclauss.com

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