Matching 2x2 diamonds with 2 block colors is pretty fun. 3 block colors is brutal.

Matching lines of 3 with 4 block colors is pretty fun, too, and allows for more frequent chains. Hmmm.

trying out 2x2 diamonds AND 3x lines, and it feels pretty good

Working on some particle effects. Also, uhhhh this game is kind of addictive


experimenting with some dynamic music ideas today

can't sleep, so here's a 3am quality-of-life update: a nice preview of where your block will land

some bugs with my ripple effect, trying out a different trick I learned. Not as clean, but kinda cool?

Announcement time: The game has a name! Everybody say hi to Mixolumia!

here's a peek at the scoring and level system I'm working on for Mixolumia. Also, now you can preview the next piece you're getting

Hey, Mastodon. I started a Patreon and $5+ patrons get early access to Mixolumia. That means you get access to all updates + the final game even if you decide you can't continue after the first month, although it'd be awesome if you stuck around. I'm hoping this thing will help me keep some level of stability as an indie game developer trying to make it in Japan, so thanks for checking it out!

@davemakes wow pretty much in love, seems like it wants a constant background ambient loop to establish a tempo and then the combo cascade chord stabs could lock into that

@friskywhiskers yeah, definitely wanna figure out a way for a kind of soundscape to build

@slimepunk awesome, thanks! Hoping to get it out there fairly soon

@davemakes pls no, I only just kicked my Lumines addiction 😅

This looks great.

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