Don't mind me over here having cool thoughts like, "It would be fun to standardize all my storage bins in the house to two specific sizes only."

my sister just sent me this meme and that's how you know that despite our differences and past strife, we are truly siblings out to support each other

Like gosh, this laptop is showing its age. Maybe I should buy some old laptops. 🙃

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Wrestling with the urge to *buy more tech* bEcAuSe iTs mOrE rEpAiRaBlE, in service of buying less tech.

This applies to mastodon itself as well. I only use it on mobile, which makes it harder to sort of keep open all day and be verbose / conversational.

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One of the things that keeps my participation low in e.g. discord chats, is that I don't sign into "outside" stuff on my work computer / during the day. Is "work computer" actually not a real concept for a lot of people?

are my coping mechanisms healthy in the long term? no. but do they work in the short term? absolutely not

Wrote a simple dice notation parser in C because reasons.

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