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soft fuzzy man reaches uncharted territory in terms of going ham .. sometimes you get in this rut where like, just none of the other songs in your library go hard enough, and when that happens you gotta listen to soft fuzzy man

GUYS what if jeb bush was gay 😳😳 hed be like "please clap this ass sis, WIG!!!" omg i wanna be a republican now

virgos are the kind of people who think elf is the best fucking movie

[smash announcement title card] kris dreemurr mosses out their wins!

my gym teacher: take off your headphones and go outside we have to run a mile today -_-
me: FUCK YOU MR JONES!!!!!!!!! *listens to lemon demon like a boss*

2018: fortnite dancing
3018: club penguin dancing

if you shoot me i will release All My Slugs

danganronpa is an elaborate joke and too many people have fallen for it

*looks at watch* oh fuck i have to go commit arson *sprints in the opposite direction*

guy in my health class thats 2 feet taller than me and talks about hentai vs guy in my health class that never showers and calls me autistic

cis people stick your fingers through the bars of my enclosure

how are some of you adults and act like... That

(pussy control plays as i put my car's shift into reverse and backwards directly into a pit of spikes)

if you dont have an undertale icon then what the fuck are you even doing man

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