I'm trying a :

Mirrored.Social is an instance that will some popular accounts from other social networks.

Here are some mirrors you can try out:

Complete list so far is here:

This is all beta for now BTW. More mirrors will be added soon.

I’m planning to kill this, unless someone convinces me not to. The current feeds broke in early June, so it’ll take some work to get them publishing again. And I’m not sure it’s worth the ~$20/month it costs me to run it, especially since the instance is blocked by ...

If anyone has a reason I should keep/fix it, speak up now.


@davewoodx Question, did you ask these accounts for permission to mirror them here?

@ainmosni Nope. They're publicly available feeds. If any have an issue with it, I can change as needed. Marking as sensitive, or removing etc.

@davewoodx Kinda makes me wonder about the copyright of public tweets.

@ainmosni It's probably more of a violation of the bird site's terms at this point since they now have a specific format to follow when displaying content. But it would be impossible to comply so I'm not. Every account does link to the original source. Later I'll add more features, like auto deleting after x days etc.

@davewoodx would you like more account suggestions or are you good for now? :)

@spongefile I have list to add still. Takes about 10 minutes per account right now since I haven't automated that yet. Feel free to send requests, just no promises on when/if I'll add them...

@davewoodx Doing the same here! I'm porting over my twitter follows for the same reason--to get away from twitter

@davewoodx excellent! This was something I was wondering about if it would be possible.

@robin It is, but this is a very rough version. A beta (tech and policy wise) to see if it's a good idea or not. If it's well received, I'll fix up the roughness of it.
Another goal would be to be able to transfer these accounts to their respective parties down the road, so they get to keep all of the followers etc gained between now and when they join Mastodon themselves.

@davewoodx good point. Although then the instance name “” makes less sense. But I get it. There needs to be an incentive for those parties to actually join mastodon themselves.

@robin I expect that soon(ish) there will be a way to move accounts between instances, so they would move it to a more appropriate instance. This is on a small Linode VM right now, so it's not prepared to hold real accounts.

@robin Oh, & regarding the incentive. Hopefully the mirrors will gain a tonne of followers. NASA on TW has 29 million. If gets a million, that will make a pretty strong case they should be here themselves. I'd personally be extremely happy to see a million on any mirror! Should we set a target date for fun? Say March 1, 2019 for any of the mirrors to hit a million followers? Pretty sort deadline considering there's only about 1.5M on all of right now.

@davewoodx haha. That would be quite the record in terms of mastodon followers I think. But who knows what happens between now and March in terms of new mastodon users?

@robin definitely needs a massive influx here for that target. But that’s part of the goal right?

@davewoodx This is a very cool idea, but something seems to be broken.'s posts appear fine on the web browser, but only 2 toots show up on mobile and desktop clients. I use Tusky on Android and Whalebird on Mac.

@arunsathiya It's not actually broken, it's a 'feature'. Their posts will only be sent to instances that have at least 1 follower on them, & because they're new accounts, they had no followers. The first few posts I loaded in before I'd even followed the accounts myself, & so the posts weren't federated to Now that they're gaining some followers, posts will be federated & visible everywhere. Quirk of how Mastodon works. If I'd realized that sooner, I would have followed first.

@arunsathiya it’s a YIL for me. Lol. I honestly thought It wasn’t working as well when I set it up. Then it clicked. Then I made sure to follow all the accounts before adding their first posts. If course that only helps our instance, so then I added an account on to follow from so they federated there, and decided that won’t scale. So other instances need to slowly discover them.

@davewoodx Haha. Wondering what results you are hoping with I assume that you are the sole person eating the involved costs right now. Is this a short-time experiment, or do you have long-terms plans with, like a subscription service?

@arunsathiya Yeah I'm the sole person involved right now (not costly yet). No idea where it will go. I really just wanted to see some feeds and didn't want to have to log into TW just for them. I'll add more mirrors when I have some time (need to semi-automate the process). If people like the idea (i.e. the accounts gain a decent number of followers), I'll enhance the code that makes it work (right now it's more like Lego than a proper system).

@davewoodx This is really cool, but...

Elon Musk made your first list of "must have" accounts?? Do you think we're all missing watching his self-implosion? :)

@jeff_lamarche 😝 I needed some accounts that should always be flagged with a content warning for testing.

@jeff_lamarche and I wasn’t going to use 🎃’s account. That shall never be mirrored by me (unless someone puts a lot in my Patreon account, then I don’t mind selling out).

@davewoodx What happens if someone on that list retweets somebody else from twitter? Do those come over?

@jeff_lamarche yes. Prefixed w/RT & the account name. At least for now. This is a beta to see if it’s even worth doing (& to make sure people don’t hate the idea). It’s currently put together w/LEGO, no custom code. If it’s well received, I’ll create a real version that uses custom bot code & gives me more options: ignoring replies, auto deleting after x days, scanning for keywords to flag w/CWs, add a hashtag for filtering, fixing linked media etc. Lots of possibilities, when time permits.

@davewoodx Have you thought about adding @stroughtonsmith? He's genuinely the only reason I still visit Twitter!

@spank I did (think about it). And decided not to. He’s specifically said he’s not a fan of Mastodon, so it felt wrong to mirror him here. He’s technical enough he could do it himself if he wanted it. Of course, if he’s open to it, I’d certainly add him.

@davewoodx I was hoping someone would do this this. Thanks!

@davewoodx the SSL certificate is outdated. Can you update the certificate, so that the mirrors are working again?

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