I'm trying a :

Mirrored.Social is an instance that will some popular accounts from other social networks.

Here are some mirrors you can try out:


Complete list so far is here: mirrored.social/about

This is all beta for now BTW. More mirrors will be added soon.

@davewoodx This is a very cool idea, but something seems to be broken. @MKBHD's posts appear fine on the web browser, but only 2 toots show up on mobile and desktop clients. I use Tusky on Android and Whalebird on Mac.


@arunsathiya It's not actually broken, it's a 'feature'. Their posts will only be sent to instances that have at least 1 follower on them, & because they're new accounts, they had no followers. The first few posts I loaded in before I'd even followed the accounts myself, & so the posts weren't federated to mastodon.social. Now that they're gaining some followers, posts will be federated & visible everywhere. Quirk of how Mastodon works. If I'd realized that sooner, I would have followed first.

@arunsathiya it’s a YIL for me. Lol. I honestly thought It wasn’t working as well when I set it up. Then it clicked. Then I made sure to follow all the accounts before adding their first posts. If course that only helps our instance, so then I added an account on m.tech to follow from so they federated there, and decided that won’t scale. So other instances need to slowly discover them.

@davewoodx Haha. Wondering what results you are hoping with mirror.social. I assume that you are the sole person eating the involved costs right now. Is this a short-time experiment, or do you have long-terms plans with mirror.social, like a subscription service?

@arunsathiya Yeah I'm the sole person involved right now (not costly yet). No idea where it will go. I really just wanted to see some feeds and didn't want to have to log into TW just for them. I'll add more mirrors when I have some time (need to semi-automate the process). If people like the idea (i.e. the accounts gain a decent number of followers), I'll enhance the code that makes it work (right now it's more like Lego than a proper system).

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