Anyone else seeing all TestFlight builds shipped before Sept 20th crashing? iOS security is killing the app before it loads due to an invalid signature. Seeing it for a bunch of apps, all from different developers. (Including Toot!) cc/ @WAHa_06x36

@davewoodx I've seen a few other reports, and not been able to get a crash log. That is a good hint for what is going on, though! Don't think it's too widespread since I haven't heard that much screaming, but it's weird.

@WAHa_06x36 There's no crash log because the app isn't crashing itself. The system is killing it before it launches. I have console logs (here: ) if you're interested. My guess is it's a glitch with the TestFlight signing that Apple has now fixed, so a new build should just resolve the issue. Only seems to affect apps distributed on TF between ~Sept 1-20th. Based on all the apps I have TF versions of.

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