Question: I'm running in my local election. As a candidate, I get a list of names of the people that have voted, which means I know who hasn't voted. Do you feel that's a privacy issue? Would you be shocked to know the candidates get this info?

@davewoodx I'd never really considered it but it makes sense.

Simply knowing whether someone voted or not isn't much in itself, I'd personally be more concerned what other information candidates get access to and what sort of vetting and security measures surround access to it.

If I randomly registered as a candidate tomorrow, would I be given access to all the contact and location info of a town's residents?

@davewoodx Then yeah that's pretty sketchy.

I can't think of any reason a non-incumbent should have access to that sort of information.

A candidate has had no checks or vetting and has no mandate.

Not a dig at you at all by the way, I'm sure you're lovely πŸ˜‹

@letthewatersroar There's actually two different things here. You're just talking about the voter list. And all candidates can have access to that if they sign a privacy agreement etc. It's only fair, can't give one person (incumbent it, and not the others). The second thing, is who on that list has actually cast a ballot. That's what I found shocking.

@davewoodx Hmm, you're right about that. I'd need to give it some more thought.

Why do you find the second thing so shocking? It's not ringing any alarm bells in my head so maybe I'm missing something

@letthewatersroar It means when I call my neighbour and say, hey, go vote, and he says he did already, I know he's lying cause I can see the list! lol.

@davewoodx lol well I mean, maybe I'm being a hypocrite but he shouldn't lie about voting then!

Even if he just goes and spoils the ballot out of protest, he would still be registered as having participated.

Public stigma for having not voted should be the consequences imo :P


@letthewatersroar Exactly. And our ballots were all done online this time around, but you could cast a completely empty ballot, and you'd still show up as having voted. Anyway, thanks for responding. Helps me wrap my head around it...

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