Wow, a few of my accounts have amassed quite a few followers: -> 1.2K -> 644 -> 615 -> 311

I thought Twitter was going to break the tool I’m currently using to create the mirrors. But it seems to be working still. Maybe I should add some more requested accounts. Server May need to be bumped up a level though. It’s running out of memory with Mastodon 3.0.1

@davewoodx sadly, is blocked on :(

I am thinking of moving because of it. @Gargron isn't responding to it, either...

@cnf @davewoodx does not have permission from the authors to impersonate and repost their content

@Gargron @davewoodx that's a fair point for discussion, but different than what is stated on the block list.

I'd still prefer if you blocked searching for it, but not direct following. That should be my desicion.

@Gargron @cnf Interesting. I didn’t even realize it was blocked. Guess that explains why my @ links weren’t working.

Also, none of my mirrored accounts should overshadow real accounts since none of them have real accounts yet (that I’m aware of anyway). The idea was they could take over my mirror when they joined mastodon so they would automatically gain those followers.

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