Anybody who has mirrored BirdSite accounts to fedi, do you have thoughts on the pros/cons of sourcing posts from the developer API vs an RSS feed from something like or the now dead Twit RSS?


(others? boosts welcome)


@jaredmoody @ChrisWere @yogthos

the first thing I would do differently next time, is only mirror accounts that grant permission. was banned from for not having permission first.


That's helpful, thanks! I def don't want to have to get permission from each account I want to mirror - but since I'm posting to/reading from my own instances I don't think I should hit that issue.

That might make me lean towards RSS from nitter though so my dev credentials couldn't be revoked

@davewoodx (if it might become an issue on the Twitter side) (Am I allowed to say the T word on fedi?)

@jaredmoody you will hit that issue. That’s what I’m saying. My entire instance was banned, so no one on, not even my account, could follow the mirrored accounts. Pretty much killed the entire point of the mirrored service.

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