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@Lingondraken Great! Thank you. I thought it was nicely thought out too, and worthy of the boost for it.

@david_ross @Lingondraken Few things that I didn't like:

the only community I remember was dukgo xmpp; they already have a short URL (ddg.gg) and I use it very often, didn't know what to answer.

@saper didn't know about the shortener until the survey. I've used lmddgtfy.net many times and highly sarcastically when people ask a question that would be solved in a 2 second search

@david_ross did they mention the shortener? ddg.com is something else

I've not actually heard of any communities of DDG before, but I have to be conservative with what communities to engage in, else I'd be doing nothing else all day long! Nice that it exists for those people who are really into improving DDG, though!

@Lingondraken @david_ross I had some interaction with their hardcore perl developers and it wasn't nice. It was mostly about why perl is superior to everything.