HEY?! 👎 😛 What you doing following this boring 😪 old account of mine❔❕

I've moved to >> ✨ 💫 @zyx 💫 ✨

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@david_ross There are more emoji on this account. 😜 (obv. am following @zyx too)

@amcewen hmmm I see a challenge has been set. I have control of the custom emojo set. Like omg. You ain't seen nothing yet bbbbbaaaabbbbyyy!!

@zyx You say that, but I can only point out the emoji count in that toot versus the emoji count in @david_ross's toot... 😘

@amcewen @zyx @david_ross I've been wondering which custom emoji we should add here... :)

@Floppy @zyx @david_ross I'm still struggling with getting to know the normal set, never mind advanced emoji usage 😂 You should ask @cheapjack, he built some emoji-gloves for futuristic communication a couple of years back - see 2nd photo on doesliverpool.com/weeknotes/we

@amcewen @Floppy @david_ross they should totally do a thing with Imogen Heap and her gloves!!

@Floppy @amcewen I don’t think we should have any, apart from the ones in Unicode.

@zyx The mastodon ⚠️ tracker is over there... 👉 😆

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