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David Ross @david_ross

May 10-11 facilitates another truly .

A 48 hour . YOUR project, build a team, onboard , work through things in a environment, or another project!

Started w/ projects, & now welcomes all fighting for an . From , challenges, , , , or - you're all invited!

foundation.mozilla.org/opportu mastodon.social/media/IwXLxsom elsesnln-RAKCu90tc4

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It' not about Mozilla. It's about your project, your needs, and what interests you.

Simple rule: it must be either working toward being, or already be OPEN!!

We do this crazy video calls throughout with HUNDREDS of people across the globe, hosted in many timezones.

Get help on your project, get your first step into working in tech by contributing to open source, join us remote, join an event in your city, or host your own event where you are.

* in fact you don't even need to LIKE Mozilla. The point is hundreds of open source projects (over 400 hundred last year) working at the same time alongside hundreds of people with some time on their hands is pretty awesome.

@hamishcampbell Why not man? You could participate remotely via your boat! Even if you can't make the video calls you can list the project and call-out for some hands on.

Is this on location in the London Mozilla space, or via online participation?

@octobyte whatever suits you. There will be an event in the office though, yes.

@octobyte we don't do crazy through the night stuff there though. Regular office hours, awesome coffee, and dem tasty snacks.

Yeah that's a lot healthier. I can't stay up through the night, haha

Awesome! It's been ages since I've done a hack of sorts. Definitely something I'll consider

Feeling isolated in your Open Source project? Show more

Feeling isolated in your Open Source project? Show more

Feeling isolated in your Open Source project? Show more