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David Ross @david_ross

Just release: SnapLinks Plus (Beta)

Fully integrates with Firefox Multi-Account Containers..

right click and lasso hypertext links and they each open in new tabs.

Add-on link: addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firef

Repo (Chrome coming soon): github.com/cpriest/SnapLinksPl

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@steckerhalter yeah when helping open source projects I'm often going through lists of dozens of URLs. This add-on has been really useful.

For example, instead of keeping track of where I am in a list of 25 URLs - I simply work through all the open tabs instead.

Especially helpful in notifications in Github with time sensitive events with 100s of data points. Mozfest last year for example had around 900 github issues. This add-on was a huge timesaver!