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Open Source voice assistant (yes an actual open source alternative of Amazon Alexa and Google Home) has not only almost hit 800% of its Indiegogo funding in Feb, but has recently switched to 's project.

Deep Speech is just one of over a hundred projects taking part in May 10-11. They're especially seeking voices of NON ENGLISH speakers.

More new contributors added to these open projects = more real world innovative alternatives.


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@david_ross built a Picroft (Mycroft with a RaspberryPi) with my kids over Easter using the Google AIY kit. Lots of fun and only about 40$USD.

Might be something fun to bring to a global sprint location!

@datatitian only yesterday I thought about how I'd feel about walking into someone's home with one of the others. Physical revulsion is one way of putting it.

Pretty exciting there's an alternative, hey? It's also near human accuracy. (6.5% vs 5.83% error rate)


@david_ross I don't suppose there's a way to hack my Echo Dot to run #Mycroft? :-O

@dixongexpat now this sounds deliciously fun! I really want someone to say yes.

Discourse might be your best bet for that question, as I don't know the answer.


@david_ross ooh nice. Giving #mycroft a spin has been on my to do for months...

@gwmngilfen @david_ross don't get me wrong, I want both to be great.. But Snips actually got something that works in half the time as Mycroft and probably with less money.

Granted, Snips skipped the whole custom PCBs and cases part. But, like, I can make a box.

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@Mycroft they named a thing after you! (look at the post this is a reply to)

@david_ross awesome. Last I looked at this they were still sending all the datas to cloud servers by default.

Still need to find a genuine use for a voice assistant, though. Mostly seems gimmicky.



You wanted to do voice work and your German is solid. Opportunity perhaps?

@david_ross I keep thinking that podcasts and youtube are the perfect ways to get hours and hours of voice work for any accent/language you could think of. Just hire some people to transcribe them, or find ones that already have transcriptions and compare.

Sadly I think Google bought ReCatchpa, but that would be a really useful way to do it. Transcribe a short sentence + a few known words.