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David Ross @david_ross@mastodon.social

I have to share this as it's making laugh so much!!

A tremendously awful picture of me at our Saturday outing to Conciergerie during in Paris over the weekend. Thanks for the snap @peter

I found a lot of inspiration through France's collective narrative spirit. Yesterday I caught Louvre, Bastille, Bourse, The Seine, Île de la Cité, Notre Dame, a procession of soldiers on horseback, Bataclan and more.

Truly humbled by the experience. Vive la France! 🇫🇷

Deep packet inspection via reveals startling information in Turkey and Egypt..

web traffic is being intercepted, degraded and redirected to grab spyware, affiliate links and crypto-mining and even more


Is it not illegal to impersonate official government organisations?

Stating it is "unofficial" does not tend to the confusion such an account creates.

Picture of The Queen rather too enthusiastically cutting a cake Show more

Real nice documentation too!

Something I would add, code examples don't show expected output. I'd add the output as well. Saves the readers having to actually run the examples.

As it is, it makes presumptions about how the reader will learn best! mastodon.social/media/0nXp1MaY

And the fancy web console is no longer.

Instead we have a dinosaur in Firefox whose arms are too short to get the plugin the socket - hence a network error.

It's the little things! mastodon.social/media/Sv5dQ5ZN

IPFS peers globe (appropriately centred to the centre of the earth) mastodon.social/media/Eu5VF6P9

I find the Weather app to always be beautifully designed.

In other news, is Summer coming? mastodon.social/media/tGQuQq89

May 10-11 facilitates another truly .

A 48 hour . YOUR project, build a team, onboard , work through things in a environment, or another project!

Started w/ projects, & now welcomes all fighting for an . From , challenges, , , , or - you're all invited!

foundation.mozilla.org/opportu mastodon.social/media/IwXLxsom elsesnln-RAKCu90tc4

One draft engineering architecture paper read. One now on the protocol.. mastodon.social/media/RvUqJd1v


Sharing as I've contributed considerably to the data from - which serves as the backend to truly useful projects like this one.

This NPM package compares YOUR code against things like available Web API's across many web browsers.

Can you think of an awesome project that could use this ?

npmjs.com/package/compat-teste mastodon.social/media/GYLBXz_-

Hammering in greater security measures. Rollout alpha testing of Symantec Certificate Authority blocking in

Pay attention and *correctly* secure ALL variations to your sites. mastodon.social/media/1lJI4CaM