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I invited a blind guy to Mastodon and now I'm shocked at how few of you write image descriptions. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

#accessibility #imagedescription #letsdoit #bemoreinclusive #thisisnotbirbsitewehavethespace

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Most importantly, stop putting institutional events on Facebook, stop using it at universities, stop making participation in Facebook mandatory through your institutional, organization, and activist roles. You can be online, and social, and connected without supporting Facebook.

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@deadsuperhero @gled It's worth getting some official confirmation but the fediverse does not collect the kinda data GDPR is most concerned about (e.g. real names, addresses, medical records etc etc) and it offers both export and deletion on request already.

just noticed (3 months late, but) that it's now possible to skin the blindingly bright scrollbars in firefox 57+ Show more

@forty8bits Good man!

As I discuss in that Discourse post linked above the needs are pretty interesting. Anything from war zones, gender expression, genital mutilation, investigative journalism, activism, politics, whistleblowing, law, death threats, personal security, are just some topics I'm having to consider when being appropriately considerate.

..had a conference call on this today. Watch this space.

just noticed (3 months late, but) that it's now possible to skin the blindingly bright scrollbars in firefox 57+ Show more

@cathal well I'm not 100% that even works yet. That group info came via the signal-cli app.

Anyone who uses Signal could try connecting to the group to test it out. The man pages don't really go into the process of people being able to join the group.. well apart from me doing so manually.

It's not really an article. Makes me sound like I'm a journo or a person of public interest - when it's just a post in a public forum.

@cathal You're slightly overegging this. I am just testing.

@forty8bits yep been using Riot for a couple of years now in fact. The UI is still not where I want it to be. I still find it confusing in the Web UI. It's encryption is still in beta. The groups I'm bridged with don't seem to allow DM's. Gitter I'm talking about there. Haven't touched the IRC bridge for a while as I've preferred cleaner UI via IRCcloud or HexChat.

Wire IS open source AFAIU github.com/wireapp/wire

@forty8bits yeah for me right now functionality > usablity

I don't need always on push notifications. Electron not only being a resource hog, the Signal Desktop implementation requires a QR code scan IIRC. Without a smartphone it's an issue for me.

Wire *was* on the top of my alternatives to test, but a trusted contact in my network spoke of lost messages on there.

For now I'll live with the clunky.

So it is a non-story. But one worth sharing in as much that 2012 decision was one of the wisest I've ever made.

An investigative journalist and legal team asked me last year in September if I would volunteer my data on an investigation in Cambridge Analytica.

I ultimately declined:
1. on the basis of ethics
2. the fact I hadn't had a FB account since 2012

If I'd still had the account I would have proceeded. Doing good for the wider population supplanting my personal boundary.

@wanderview @shadow8t4 @forty8bits I'm his biggest fan and I still missed that one hahaha

@forty8bits @shadow8t4 I tend to use CONTEXT PLUS add-on. Just a quick `CTRL` + `C` opens a new random container.

The Multi-Account Containers allows a quick `CTRL` + `.` to open another container of the same type.

which also adds `Always open in this container` menu option.

I'm a bit of a keyboard shortcut junkie.

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Is it just an impression because I am hanging out on Mastodon, or is most tech/computing innovation happening in free and open source these days?