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David Benqué @davidbenque

Looking forward to taking part in "Navigating Finance and the Imagination" this weekend. A walking tour of the City of London with activists, artists and academics. rival.lakeheadu.ca/LondonTour/

I'll be talking about almanacs and attempting to weave a diagram between finance, astrology, and data science. An opportunity to test the chapter I'm currently writing, which is due in ... 2 weeks 🙀

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@davidbenque This looks absolutely fascinating! I wish I was going. I've wandered around the City of London thinking about this stuff myself in the past.

But often it feels like ordinary Brits don't hear about this stuff until it's too late to participate. How do you find out that this sort of super-interesting thing is happening in time to be able to actually get involved?

@iona hey I think there are some guests spots available if you want to join. They also have plans to make the content available afterwards, maybe an audio-tour, blog posts, etc..

In this case I was lucky that my friend at RYBN rybn.org/ pinged me on the day of the deadline. but yes it's tricky esp. for small events like this that aren't aimed at a big audience.

@davidbenque Thanks! It's a bit short-notice to make it to London from England's northern hinterlands - a London trip is quite cheap when you can book it in advance, but not when it's the same week. Are there places you can find out about this kind of thing before it happens?

@iona my main source for stuff like this is, unfortunately, still birdsite. One day hopefully it will be *here*