Science Gallery London Open Call:
deadline 15th Feb. 2019
funding between £1K and £3K

Back on the Youtube mapping project for a short stint, preparing it for a conference after very useful feedback from reviewers (previous work is here: )

Trying to move away from 'spaghetti ball' network viz and focus more on individual 'traces'. I wanted to show full titles from the start but this was very hard to do with existing tools (eg. Gephi), so I'm writing my own using (🙄).

🍎➡️🐧 Kicking off the work year with a fully operational Linux setup, and feeling great! Third time lucky on the system reinstalls, ended up going back to plain Ubuntu 18.04 with Gnome. Things just seem to work better on it, more forum threads for problems, and as a former mac user the spotlight + exposé + spaces all rolled into one keypress is 🤯.

Keeping the old mac setup a bit longer for safety (i.e. for Scrivener and Sketch files) but will soon be reformatted for my partner.

🍎➡️🐧 The Tuxedo 😵Insanitybook😬 has arrived! I opted for their version of Ubuntu Budgie for a start.
🎺 engage transition period 🎺

I'm delighted to be assisting Teal Triggs with her ongoing research project: using design fictions to think about the future of public libraries.

I started by designing graphics and a film synopsis generator for a workshop at the British Library a couple weeks back.

This was first experiment with Tracery.js, see the sketch here: libraries-without-walls.s3-web (designed for A4 printing so may not scale well on phones etc)

🍎➡️🐧 The Big Move: apparently funds are now secured for the Tuxedo laptop!

double checking and yep, buying a macbook pro doesn't any sense whatsoever:

📅🎙️ Looking forward to taking part in 'Fields of Communication Nature · Culture · Technology' RCA Comms research symposium.

The Westworks, 195 Wood Lane, White City, London, W12 7FQ
30 October 2018

🍎➡️🐧 The Big Move: day 1
Installed Ubuntu in a virtualbox on my mac to start testing software, workflows, etc... Overall feels are good! Full switch might happen before year's end 🤓😱
🦑💫 They had me at "Cosmic Cuttlefish"

The Automation Charade

The rise of the robots has been greatly exaggerated. Whose interests does that serve?

☄️ Cosmic Spreadhseets 📖 I have an essay about almanacs in the Supra Systems #1 book which launches tomorrow at LCC:

Finally posted my talk about the Iris Dataset from last March. This was part of This Happened London #27: Colossal Dust: Practices of Obsession and Investigation

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