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David Benqué @davidbenque@mastodon.social

📺 👀 🤔 Architectures of Choice; Vol.1 Youtube

Trying to map Youtube recommendations! Here are the first tests.

code WIP: gitlab.com/davidbenque/arc-cho

🧙🔮🏭 Carbon Prophet 🏭🔮🧙
Watching uncertainty decrease as the amount of training data increases 😱🤷‍♂️

data from: ☠️ carbondoomsday.com/all

⚠️ A schmongle has occurred while zapping one of your bloops.

🤷🏻‍♂️: cancel all three services

We will be revisiting the Panama Papers database, thinking about the politics of missing data (e.g. the luxury of *not* having your name recorded with your bank account), and filling in the gaps with... whatever we want! We will be using a curated list of the best company names in the database as design briefs, and producing a peer-to-peer website publication.

I'll be running Entities of Interest at the Design Museum in London on 17th June: a workshop facilitated by participants of the MA Graphic Media Design (MAGMD) course at LCC. This is part of (Re)distributed Media: Leakage, curated by Paul Bailey , Design Museum, and MAGMD.

📅 17th June, 2pm to 6pm, Design Museum

💰 £25 - members £20, students/concessions £15

Bookings: designmuseum.org/whats-on/talk

I'll be presenting "Speculative diagrams: plotting to reclaim algorithmic prediction" with Betti Marenko at the British Museum on Sunday, part of Art, Materiality and Representation


🃏Wildcard Question:
Does anyone here into know of a way to visualise a single light ray's bounces in a render? something like the image attached. Could be a script, plugin, research paper, anything!

RCA: The SHOW is in 8 weeks, submit your images NOW! have you thought about patent applications?! and funding rounds?


💡 Add some lines to your outline for that "yea I totally know what I'm doing" look.

Also got the Pi set up on the home network. Ready to receive the beast and crunch horoscopes all day. It's all happening.

I've been enjoying the Hydrogen package for interactive coding in Atom. Half way between a notebook and an IDE. Great for messing around and then either put in production or export as notebook to write it out.


Fully automated the cover of The Monistic Almanac today
$ sh make-cover.sh
and boom:

Just submitted my first ever book chapter draft. This is exactly how I feel.

Another almanac notebook draft:
🌪💣 The Carbon Prophet 🔮🏭
Forecasting carbon emissions with Facebook Prophet (time series forecasting for business) with data from: 💀carbondoomsday.com/

💒☉♀☿♃☾🐍 My draft notebook implementing electional in is complete. Best dates to get married in the next 365 days, you're welcome!

Next up: another one about when to conduct business, and maybe when to cut your hair.