📅🎙️ Looking forward to taking part in 'Fields of Communication Nature · Culture · Technology' RCA Comms research symposium.

The Westworks, 195 Wood Lane, White City, London, W12 7FQ
30 October 2018


🍎➡️🐧 The Big Move: day 1
Installed Ubuntu in a virtualbox on my mac to start testing software, workflows, etc... Overall feels are good! Full switch might happen before year's end 🤓😱
🦑💫 They had me at "Cosmic Cuttlefish"

The Automation Charade

The rise of the robots has been greatly exaggerated. Whose interests does that serve?


☄️ Cosmic Spreadhseets 📖 I have an essay about almanacs in the Supra Systems #1 book which launches tomorrow at LCC: arts.ac.uk/whats-on/supra-syst

Finally posted my talk about the Iris Dataset from last March. This was part of This Happened London #27: Colossal Dust: Practices of Obsession and Investigation


🖇️ Supra Systems: Office Rites 🖥️
We offered a range of occult, mysterious and/or cultish technological services to V&A Digital Design Weekend visitors.
Brilliantly curated by Georgina Voss and set-designed by Georgina Voss & Demistification Committee

Included work from:
- Demistification Committee
- Wesley Goatley
- Marion Lagedamont
and me

I'll be doing personalised electional astrology readings with python 🐍 at the V&A this Sunday, part of the Digital Design Weekend.

Find the Supra Systems Studio office under the Bacchanalia sculpture 🍷🍇🎉


The Almanac printing station is operational 🤖🖨️📖💫🔮
Come see it at _Everything Happens So Much_ part of at LCC.
Show runs until 17th Oct.
🗓️ 19th Sept.: Private view + launch of Supra Systems Studio


💰 💰 💰 🤖 💰 💰 💰
Machine Learning on lottery numbers good morning.

training data: lottery.merseyworld.com/

K-means clustering on Youtube titles knows what's up:

Cutting plastic with lasers to enclose a tiny computer, what could possibly go wrong?

CC-BY this Thing: thingiverse.com/thing:2877879

This is what all 🇬🇧 websites will look like after Brexit. 🧐

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