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David Benqué @davidbenque@mastodon.social

Unicode may soon get 2,000 hieroglyphics


“You Could Soon Be Able to Text with 2,000 Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs”

@iona and never a leaflet about "Why we should be in jail" or "What horrible bullshit did we get away with this year"

@iona LOL got this from Natwest too. "in control of your data, but we stay in control of endlessly sending you pointless leaflets for your bin"

🃏Wildcard Question:
Does anyone here into know of a way to visualise a single light ray's bounces in a render? something like the image attached. Could be a script, plugin, research paper, anything!

RCA: The SHOW is in 8 weeks, submit your images NOW! have you thought about patent applications?! and funding rounds?


@sjef u will soon once it's actually written tho ;)

💡 Add some lines to your outline for that "yea I totally know what I'm doing" look.

@jules @entreprecariat @320x200

Quartz covering Joana Moll's work


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@jules @320x200 @entreprecariat ah right, got it! Poitras et al. definitely on surveillance, will have a think for more

@entreprecariat @jules I may be misunderstanding the question but could another answer be: pretty much everything on E.flux ?

@jules j'ai lu que le chapitre de Kate Crawford, mais le reste a l'air bien, et peut plus porté art (au moins l'art de Trevor Paglen héro de ces dames ;)

@jules maybe in Astro Noise edited by Laura Poitras?

Georgina Voss performing tonight in 🇳🇱 :

'Resonance' exploring the narratives, salesmanship, and cult status around notions of 'innovation' and 'inventors'. TAC, Eindhoven; Fri 4th May, 7pm.

🐦🔗 twitter.com/gsvoss/status/9908 (with an FB link inside)

Also got the Pi set up on the home network. Ready to receive the beast and crunch horoscopes all day. It's all happening.

I've been enjoying the Hydrogen package for interactive coding in Atom. Half way between a notebook and an IDE. Great for messing around and then either put in production or export as notebook to write it out.


Fully automated the cover of The Monistic Almanac today
$ sh make-cover.sh
and boom: