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📢🌏 Open Call: Earth Water Sky

2 month fully funded residency in Venice for artists interested in the environment and the latest in cutting edge environmental knowledge.


📄🏆 Paper of the week, for the link between the geometry of 'feature space' and governmentality:

Aradau, C. and Blanke, T. (2017) ‘Politics of prediction: Security and the time/space of governmentality in the age of big data’, European Journal of Social Theory, vol. 20, no. 3, pp. 373–391


📻 🎧 Mar Hicks (historian of computing and author of: Programmed Inequality: How Britain Discarded Women Technologists and Lost Its Edge in Computing) on the Stayin' Alive In Technology podcast.


For those who might be interested, I am a comittee member for the 3rd "salon des refusés" which will happen in Genova during the <programming> conference this spring 2019. We invite papers that will help us rethink programming. All the details here: shift-society.org/salon/call-f

📅🎙️ Looking forward to taking part in 'Fields of Communication Nature · Culture · Technology' RCA Comms research symposium.

The Westworks, 195 Wood Lane, White City, London, W12 7FQ
30 October 2018


Good to know, thanks!
🤖🐁 < ☄️🦑✨ though

🍎➡️🐧 The Big Move: day 1
Installed Ubuntu in a virtualbox on my mac to start testing software, workflows, etc... Overall feels are good! Full switch might happen before year's end 🤓😱
🦑💫 They had me at "Cosmic Cuttlefish"

Best served with a little Google Maps embed of where they are based. 🌶️🖕🌶️

RT @julieblancfr@twitter.com: I did a timeline of technologies for publishing. There is a big printed version (240xm x 60cm) styleg in HTML and CSS (grid), you can see here: recherche.julie-blanc.fr/timel and you can find source files on gitlab: gitlab.com/JulieBlanc/timeline

🐦🔗: twitter.com/julieblancfr/statu

Petition to DDoS James Veitch until he stops doing "I spammed the spammers" TED talks. 🙌

📰 Rethinking AI through the politics of 1968
Dan McQuillan

"All the initiatives that want to make AI ethical seem to think it's about adding something i.e. ethics, instead of about revealing the value-laden-ness at every level of computation, right down to the mathematics."


« Mettre en place toujours plus d’évaluation à l’école n’est pas une solution »

Le professeur de philosophie Thomas Schauder, s’appuyant sur des écrits de sa consœur Angélique del Rey, revient sur les annonces du ministre de l’éducation et sur leur compatibilité avec son projet d’« école de la bienveillance ».


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