merci d'avoir partagé! ça piquotte en effet :) et ça sent les conflits et l'incohérence en interne...
content de lire que la 'La Table des négociations' échape au désastre et relève le niveau 👌

Between March 28 & April 28, the group Algolit is organising a public moment in which we share the discussions we've had, experiments we've made, stories we've told, all the while we were disentangling machine learning algorithms.

Join us at the Mundaneum in Mons for the opening on the 28th of March, or for a workshop with Allison Parrish on the 26th of April.


🍎➡️🐧 Since switching to Linux I have:
- switched whole workflows to FOSS
- upped my bash game 10x
- compiled a terminal emulator (ST)
- configured a tiling window manager (Qtile)

Still can't wrap my head around Libre Office Impress though 😂

I'm testing "streaming" this visualisation over
If anyone out there want to try this: dat://855b242a53caa5475295acb7db2ebb877b1ff4a54ad8b2f2e3c6ce1ce797018a/ in and turn on live-reloading, let me know if it works!

📺 👀 another attempt at mapping Youtube in preparation for the Research Through Design conference [19-22 March, Delft, NL] where I'll be presenting/exhibiting this with Betti Marenko.


Akira is needing help! First and only open source tool to make mockups, with a great interface! Their creator needs YOU to hire devs to fasten the development!

You are an Open Source fan? You like to contribute to open sources projects? Please consider donating to this one!


You can't? Spread the word by boosting

I think Zotero has an editor for them, maybe you can tweak yours to show everything... haven't tried this myself

Hi I think this depends on which style you are using. You should find or edit a .csl file that outputs the fields you need.

tired: computer science
wired: computer séance

Just released a new version of #ForkAwesome 1.1.6.

Notable changes are adding a spell-check, #pleroma, #f-droid, #python or #archlinux icons.

We also have our own domain name for more independence and coolness ;) forkaweso.me

Spread the word!

@nolwenn voici le scan:
dropbox.com/s/dvewasgue3ltjej/ [PDF 102.4 MB]

J'ai pas eu le temps de tout scanner donc j'ai surtout fait les images et diagrammes. Voir surtout pages 17-21 pour les systèmes de compréhension avec diagrammes écrits à la main en 'attaché' d'écolier 🤩

French A.I. gems 💎 1985

A short thread with highlights from this magazine:

I just backed Akira, the tool. Only 11 days left and the goal is not 1/3 there. Back it if you can, designers! this is such an important project for a profession held hostage.


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