Can see a lot of Google Plus users move here... watch this space ;D

Sad news about Google Plus, meant so many awesome people there.

Had Ubuntu for about five months now via a virtual machine, haven't really done anything with it. What cool things can I add?

Enjoying Battlefish, if you watched Deadliest Catch, you'll like this one 👌🎣

Any Basic Channel fans on here get Red Bull Radio on now

Best mate's wedding tomorrow, hope my best man's speech goes to plan 🤞

Liking the look of the new Farming simulator game, anyone here played previous titles?

As much as I like the concept of this platform, still trying to figure out what the value of being here is all about 🤔

People always complain about the "bird site" but see a regular "bird site" trait on here when people don't have the decency to reply. Just saying. ;D

Wonder one day we'll all get bored of social and just go back to email 🤔

Visualized: the language of Apple’s September event. How long did each presenter speak, longest applauses, and most popular words.

Data is beautiful.

#Apple #technology #iPhoneXS

Watching rugby and catching up with my best friend, been awesome Saturday :)

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