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David Dhannoo @daviddhannoo@mastodon.social

Any Lisk fans here? Thoughts on the rebrand?

Got the Barça shirt on, hoping they do those ****s over 😀

Someone figured out how to get a Dreamcast online with a Raspberry Pi. t.co/1qTXBxnyT2

Don't think the GIF worked, so here's a better pic.

Awesome scenes in London yesterday for Chinese New Year

Bitcoin news: JPMorgan says cryptocurrency’s ETFs are ‘holy grail’ | City & Business | Finance | Express.co.uk

Hope you're all having an awesome weekend, up to anything interesting?

Barcelona is feeling like home ☂️🌧️

sometimes you just have to take a few moments to appreciate how mind-blowingly good the USSR's space program posters were

Venetian Snares has taken over my brain 😈

Mission Impossible 6 being filmed near my office.

Anyone from G+ move to here? (Just curious)