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I'm collecting analogies for formal methods and how their lack in general software engineering is detrimental. If you have something then reply to this toot.

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If you are looking to make the world a slightly better place then you can't go wrong if you donate to and

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“I judge you unfortunate because you have never been unfortunate; you have passed through life without an antagonist; no one will know what you can do, – not even yourself.” - Seneca

In a last ditch effort to remain relevant DevOps has been renamed to "observability studies".

Why does a video card vendor ship binaries that require me to log into some web site?

Any sentence starting with "You're misunderstanding..." will only lead to further misunderstanding.

Profits mean the system is inefficient.

Being prolific beats all other characteristics.

“The people at the lowest level were fighting to keep it. And the arguments were so similar: ‘Well how do we know assembly language is going to do it right?’”

Humans have been around for a while but our most advanced piece of intellectual technology is first order logic. This is a sad state of affairsöwenh

Apparently the dialecta interpretation of classical logic is related to continuations.

The only one winning so far with the latest political climate is Putin.

Maybe the next iteration of humanity will be less short sighted and will pay down technological debt as it arises instead of passing the buck to the next generation and collecting mercenary paychecks.

Invent device with a slot for a crank. Invite folks to run the device with their cranks. Try to predict when each crank will break. Turing completeness in a rotten nutshell.

X-Men -> X-People -> Alphabet-People -> Alphabet-Sentients is now the politically correct phrasing.

We're all doing the birdbox challenge when it comes to work, morality, climate, environment, etc.

Evolution and intelligence are like oil and water. Whenever one is mixed with the other it is always a temporary state.

"Often how you ask is also important: you need to ask the right way. I once had a $5000 medical expense denied over and over by a health insurance company. Eventually I indicated I wished to file a grievance–a bureaucratic procedure I found on their website–and suddenly they found a “coding error” that had caused the problem and my bill was paid. (My uninformed guess is that grievances get reported to state regulators.)"

Violent ignorance is a fascinating human phenomenon.

I keep vacillating between "formal verification is cool and fun" and "these are just academic toys that will never be mainstream".

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