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Happy New Lunar Year!
It's the :D
The year of the doggo is upon us, we must all bork, warf, and praise all doggos :3

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Actually turned out nice for once. My phone usually takes crap pictures.

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im gonna start a kickstarter to build myself a cave where i dont have to hear any GOD DAMN NOISE

idk if its an anxiety thing but i am just so fucking sick of NOISE

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My milk bones bring all the dogs to the yard.

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Hey so I tried to learn a while ago and just couldn't make my mind work that way. Ready to give it another shot, does any one have intro how-tos or videos or resources they like?

People coagulate around ritualistic artifacts.

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool. - Richard Feynman

The reasons are arbitrary and are post-hoc rationalizations about the latest technology and when an example is brought up about the IRS still running on assembly and cobol the young technologist creates the convoluted kernel to separate the IRS from their special use case. There is no good reason to upgrade a python 2.7 codebase to a 3.x codebase. If you think there is then you are probably fooling yourself because you are young and foolish.

With a convoluted enough kernel construction one can draw a boundary between any set of points. I think technologists consistently misunderstand the utility of the latest and greatest. Young technologists are especially prone to overvaluing the latest thing even though in the grand scheme of things there is almost no or even negative value in changing whatever currently works but they convince themselves there is real value in remaking the thing that works.

@jjmiv Yes, you just need to install LXC package. I forget the actual package name but once you install LXD you get all the required tools to create and manage LXC containers.

@cypnk But you can grow potato there so can't be that hard.

@cypnk Would Mars be more believable?

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RT This is Sophie. She can see through time itself. Also responds awkwardly to human contact (relatable). 13/10 hypnotic as h*ck

@lewis_tolmie You can probably go to a local place where they have them. I know San Francisco has one and you can plop into one for an hour or more. It's very relaxing.

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So I decided to have a look at Twitter ('cause I decide to do that from time to time), and lo and behold, my *Notifications* have likes that people I follow gave to *other* people. Because throwing other people's likes in the timeline was not enough, they had to throw them *in the Notifications*.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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Trust your
but verify
its intentions

@lewis_tolmie There are sensory deprivation tanks and they are pretty close.

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