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AC starting to make some more sense. I should probably get a few books on EE

The amount of self absorbtion in human cultures is insane.

Baroness von sketch provides a perfect description of how self absorbed programmer culture is

Can't tell if people suck or if Google just finds human suckiness because that is what is most engaging but then that is also some kind of meta suckiness that we find suckiness engaging.

Instead of letting my books collect dust I'm willing to trade them. The current one I'd like to trade is "Type Theory and Formal Proof". If anyone is interested feel free to follow up here or

Starting to build up a nice library of type theoretic literature

I quit jobs often because I don't believe in abusive relationships.

Next up: Why we don't need higher level abstractions because we can do it all in assembly.

I don't understand this really weird optimization mindset that some people have and that they apply to every single activity in their life.

I'd like an IoT device that broadcasts my breaking and acceleration pattern to nearby drivers to help dissipate the jamiton.

Programmers solve problems with computers and computing devices. The language or framework that is used is completely irrelevant.

At the end of day the tools should be subordinate to the problem at hand and not the other way around.

Google's and Facebook's goal are to convince marketers that the digital shadow and the meat casting that shadow are one and the same.

If the problem is ill-defined and there is lack of agreement on what exactly is being solved then adding technology into the mix is not going to make a difference.

Mathematics like software is a human construction and that just like all human constructions it is susceptible to encoding historical accidents as truths.

Greenspun's tenth rule applies to anything large enough.

There is no silver bullet. Everything is a moneky's paw in software engineering.

Starting to suspect reddit on mobile is broken by intention.

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