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Wow! Love this animation at (54,96) in @Decentraland@twitter.com, between @mintbase@twitter.com & @Pixelchain_Dapp@twitter.com HQs 😍

Didn't see it yesterday, what a nice surprise while visiting the @SuperRare_co@twitter.com Museum opening! 🐠❀️🐠

PS: The scene doesn't play music, but thought that would be more 🎢

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Sneak peak at a few of the builds featured in @decentraland@twitter.com art week!!

Begins: 6/19 @ 4pm UTC (today!)

featured builds:
@AsyncArt@twitter.com, @opensea@twitter.com, @makersplaceco@twitter.com, @Pixelchain_Dapp@twitter.com, @SuperRare_co@twitter.com, @mintbase@twitter.com, @KnownOrigin_io@twitter.com, @josiebellini@twitter.com

details here: events.decentraland.org/en/

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The real innovation with the COMP token is that @compoundfinance@twitter.com just became a publically traded company by a completely alternative route.

DeFi protocols will 'go public' on @UniswapProtocol@twitter.com, not on the NASDAQ. Far cheaper and easier.

This is the first of many.

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We're excited to launch a new BTC yield farming liquidity pool with the teams at @renprotocol@twitter.com and @CurveFinance@twitter.com!

This is an incentive to create a deep liquidity pool for tokenised BTC on Ethereum: sBTC, renBTC, and WBTC.

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Our space is looking sliiiick. All the welcomes on Monday for our VR πŸš€/art party at the @Mintbase@twitter.com HQ in @decentraland@twitter.com. Thanks @toonpunk23@twitter.com. All you need is a computer. events.decentraland.org/en/?ev

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WHOA!!!! Ubisoft is releasing an NFT game on - my guess within 2 years a triple A game will be released using $eth based NFTs bravenewcoin.com/insights/ubis

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In the last 2 months we have seen half a dozen scaling solutions deployed for - this is where the innovation is happening in theblockcrypto.com/post/68584/

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There is going to be a miner exodus after this. Miners still on the network are facing the fourth-most difficult two-week mining period in Bitcoin’s history.

coindesk.com/bitcoin-mining-di $BTC

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This is spoken about a lot. The less spoken truth is Satoshi designed it this way so people would have some reason to care about it. twitter.com/ThinkingBitmex/sta

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Congrats to @Nicholas_Merten@twitter.com for launching, wishing you great success with @digifox_finance@twitter.com πŸš€ twitter.com/Nicholas_Merten/st

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30 minutes after launch and Tadhya has SKYROCKETED to #1 on Indiegogo's creative works and blown through the initial flexible goal. Guys...I'm in tears.

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Since Decentraland Alpha I have had a vision for a project combining my two passions IT and classic mini's. Today I have deployed it into the metaverse. Please let me know what you think, its still a WIP. Stop by and see it at: play.decentraland.org/?positio

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🌟🌟Sometimes the stars align!🌟🌟 I hit up Cryptonaut the other day with a model and an idea. We made this working ETH gas station sign!! This guy has serious talent! @decentraland@twitter.com $MANA

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Its a party in @decentraland@twitter.com watching live @AxieInfinity@twitter.com Matches in our server. Join the Discord Server to hangout. @FrankyNeedles@twitter.com @AxieGg@twitter.com @DCLBlogger@twitter.com

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FIRST LOOK at the main character in my upcoming Graphic Novel: TADHYA! Tadhya is the story of a young girl born into a noble family... but also into the hands of a manipulative coven.

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Work in progress for the biggest Disney land on
The biggest
Hope to finish it this month
@decentraland@twitter.com @MetaZoneio@twitter.com @dcl_plazas@twitter.com
@_agusferreira@twitter.com @toonpunk23@twitter.com

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The DEA wants to covertly creep on protesters? Alright. First, fuck you.
Second, here's some tips from a hacker on keeping your phone safe at protests.




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Woahhh we watched the @SpaceX@twitter.com launch in @decentraland@twitter.com and then moments after the team launched their own rocket!😱 @elonmusk@twitter.com

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