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Now seems like a good time to remind you that a measly 0.1% tax on Wall Street trades would raise $777,000,000,000 over a decade.

me Grug, Grug buy GameStönk, me think GameStönk go to the Moon.

The solar flare just hit, all your digital lifetime's work is gone.

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Being a PhD student is just feeling tired and stupid all the time.

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Gary Becker was so wrong about racial discrimination. There’s been a lot of useful work on the topic since Becker’s erroneous Theory of Discrimination was published in 1957.

But some people really do love their cults.

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The Sheer Absurdity of Trump’s “1776 Commission” Report Is Hard to Overstate

The "1776 Commission" report released by Donald Trump's White House just before his exit from the presidency is so staggeringly awful, trotting out every moldy reactionary trope about the history of the United States it can, that it has to be read to be believed.


How about a gift for you and for the planet? This month, buy an FP3/FP3+ with /e/OS, and you can receive a 20€ cashback & get 20 discarded phones to Close the Loop's e-waste program, or a 40€ cashback.
Find out more at esolutions.shop/

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Wow! Love this animation at (54,96) in @Decentraland@twitter.com, between @mintbase@twitter.com & @Pixelchain_Dapp@twitter.com HQs 😍

Didn't see it yesterday, what a nice surprise while visiting the @SuperRare_co@twitter.com Museum opening! 🐠❤️🐠

PS: The scene doesn't play music, but thought that would be more 🎶

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Sneak peak at a few of the builds featured in @decentraland@twitter.com art week!!

Begins: 6/19 @ 4pm UTC (today!)

featured builds:
@AsyncArt@twitter.com, @opensea@twitter.com, @makersplaceco@twitter.com, @Pixelchain_Dapp@twitter.com, @SuperRare_co@twitter.com, @mintbase@twitter.com, @KnownOrigin_io@twitter.com, @josiebellini@twitter.com

details here: events.decentraland.org/en/

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The real innovation with the COMP token is that @compoundfinance@twitter.com just became a publically traded company by a completely alternative route.

DeFi protocols will 'go public' on @UniswapProtocol@twitter.com, not on the NASDAQ. Far cheaper and easier.

This is the first of many.

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We're excited to launch a new BTC yield farming liquidity pool with the teams at @renprotocol@twitter.com and @CurveFinance@twitter.com!

This is an incentive to create a deep liquidity pool for tokenised BTC on Ethereum: sBTC, renBTC, and WBTC.

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Our space is looking sliiiick. All the welcomes on Monday for our VR 🚀/art party at the @Mintbase@twitter.com HQ in @decentraland@twitter.com. Thanks @toonpunk23@twitter.com. All you need is a computer. events.decentraland.org/en/?ev

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WHOA!!!! Ubisoft is releasing an NFT game on - my guess within 2 years a triple A game will be released using $eth based NFTs bravenewcoin.com/insights/ubis

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