@davidlublin I remember having this revelation and immediately sending people a pre-smartphone video clip of my hand counting ✊ to 🖐

One day waiting at the DMV it occurred to me that you can count in base 2 on your fingers (using each as a single bit) which allows you to go up to 1023. There are variations to go even higher.

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B'Elanna Torres and Sub-Commander T'Pol swap bodies. Tom Paris and Chakotay investigate Dr. Phlox, this week on Star Trek Voyager.

Hey if we are friends or just sort of friends and I forgot to invite you to my Friendsgiving I apologize and please send me a message and I'll send you the invite!
Or if we are just internet friends and you'd like to come, also cool!

Hey – what's a good main course dish to make for Thanksgiving?
(I used to do a veggie loaf because it's good with mashed potatoes and a mushroom gravy, but it also never felt quite right)

In NYC today there are three ballot initiatives to consider:
1. Lowering the limit on campaign contributions
2. Starting a commission to increase voter participation
3. Term limits for community board members
I'm going to be voting YES for all three of these,

Barry Allen leaves Alex Danvers for their new found friend, Kara Danvers. The Flash learns the value of "just saying no" to drugs from onn J and James Olsen.

Jessica Fletcher joins forces with B'Elanna Torres! undefined faces off with Chakotay, on the next episode of Murder, She Wrote!

I am never* taking down my Halloween decorations.

* at least a week from now

Eddie Winslow and Doctor Who race to stop a killer! Carl Winslow discovers Dr. Who's dark secret.

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If I forgot to invite you to my Halloween party (or if we are just sort of internet friends but you live in the Park Slope area and you'd like to invite yourself because you don't have any other plans...) let me know!

Jerry Seinfeld and Oswald Lee Harvey race to stop a killer. George Costanza and Drew Carey meet their match, next episode on Seinfeld.

It'd be fun to be a creepy super fan that followed them around the country but who has the time?

I am really curious to what extent they tweak the materials for different cities. Last night here in NYC the biggest laugh / cheer they got was for the line "hashtag TIME'S UP" when a guy in the movie was put on trial by a group of Amazon women.

The MST3K Live show is great. If you are a fan, definitely try to get tickets when it comes to your town...

I was really hoping the Google announcement was they were bringing back Google Reader. I don't need a new phone but whatever.

On the season finales of Family Matters and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: When Laura Winslow and Dennis Reynolds get together, anything could happen. Eddie Winslow meets their greatest adversary: Charlie Kelly!

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