Worked the polls again this year. Arrived at 5:30am and did not get home until 11pm. Slept most of yesterday.

Have started writing Episode Twelve of CHRONICLE. Only five to go for Season One!

Kind of silly but I could not resist when I found a website that did this. The cast of CHRONICLE.


Pick the lesser of two evils.

Don't want to? Well then, don't complain when toddlers are locked in dog cages, Neo Nazis fill the halls of congress, science is ignored, religious zealots gain influence, and murderous dictators are lavished with praise.

I am a straight, old, white, male and the shit that is going on scares me. If I was female, gay, or brown, I would be absolutely terrified at what is happening.

VOTE. It doesn't cost anything. It takes little time. The stakes are high.

STAR TREK. A series about the human condition, about exploring new frontiers, seeking out new life and new civilizations, about the true definition of a hero and how to create a better society, an ever-improving society.
And all we're talking about for a solid week are two characters HAIR!

USS Witch of Endor NCC 91485 Visionary class deep space explorer, the 'hero ship' of the upcoming audio drama series CHRONICLE, a STAR TREK fan production. Set in the year 2410, focus is on four young officers assigned to the latest, most advanced starship who end up at the eye of an ethical/social/political storm. The soul and long-term survival of the Federation is at stake!

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