Kind of silly but I could not resist when I found a website that did this. The cast of CHRONICLE.

USS Witch of Endor NCC 91485 Visionary class deep space explorer, the 'hero ship' of the upcoming audio drama series CHRONICLE, a STAR TREK fan production. Set in the year 2410, focus is on four young officers assigned to the latest, most advanced starship who end up at the eye of an ethical/social/political storm. The soul and long-term survival of the Federation is at stake!

Ensign Athena Roxanne Azurian, exobiologist in the first Visionary class starship, designed to cross a vast gulf and reach the Perseus Galactic Arm. One of the regulars on CHRONICLE, the upcoming audio STAR TREK series set post-Nemesis. Only one person calls her Roxanne.

Ensign V'Nell of Vulcan, junior security officer aboard USS Witch of Endor. Her grandfather was a Starfleet Captain.

Lieutenant (JG) Nemeth, ship's counselor for USS Witch of Endor, one of the first three Visionary-class starships. She is an Andorian 'shan' i.e. one of two Andorian female genders, but since she is not supposed to nurse a child or even carry a foetus to term, she lacks secondary sexual characteristics. So she looks boyish, androgynous to Human eyes.

Ensign Suzanne Draper, systems specialist aboard USS Witch of Endor, the 'hero ship' of the upcoming audio STAR TREK series "CHRONICLE" set in 2410.


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