@monsterjavaguns I think people just need tp practice their art and not try to define what art is for other people. We don't need memes for that.

@davidpetersonharvey I'm not entirely sure I follow. I meant meme in its original definition of being a kind of thought virus. The idea that artists are somehow inherently non-technical... that falsehood needs to be done away with.


@monsterjavaguns I understand now. I thought you were implying that someone who is not technical about it is not an artist. Thank you for explaining it to me. In that light, yes, I agree with you.

@davidpetersonharvey in a way, I am saying that, though. But I'm saying that even for people who think that they're not being technical in their work, they're wrong. Art *is* technical. Folk art (for example) isn't exempt.

@monsterjavaguns I see what you're saying. His point. There's always some sort of technicality involved as soon as you apply your particular aesthetic.

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