It’s Arodo restaurant’s opening day! Our favourite local restaurant in Paros 😋🇬🇷😍


`inert` rules.

<div class="page-wrap" inert> ... </div>
oh look a focus trap for like zero work


Are you a fan of roots reggae dub? Live near Geneva? High Salute ( will at the Makhno (Usine) with their amazing sound system 😎🇯🇲💥

New office setup for my ISO workshop days with 😎

Merci pour cette merveilleuse surprise 😍 et félicitations à pour un design fluide et intense. J’adore (y compris l’odeur de l’encre!) 👏💯🎉

“Fluid” is the flavour of the month (year?) at 😍

I ❤️ native features and custom properties (they aren’t variables), but I agree, SASS habits die hard - thanks for an insightful talk “Real-world CSS custom props” at

The `content-visibility` property is amazing 🤩 Thanks for all your performance tips and insights at . Very helpful 🙏🏻

Brilliant talk by on “Effective CSS refactoring” at 👏

About a year ago (May 8th), I posted my last image to, but kept my account active to interact with my friends. Today, the service requires me to enter my birthday (DoB) if I want to continue using it… 🤔


🎉 Le dico des mots extraordinaires, le livre qui compile les mots de notre newsletter, est désormais disponible.

👉 Pour le commander, c'est ici




🙇‍♂️ Did you know you can use `curl` to convert a URL into QR code??

(And, yes... this actually works if you try and scan it!)


Not only is this a great idea, it looks really cool in your markup 😎


📣 New HTML stuff is coming to Chrome.

`hidden="until-found"` makes hidden content searchable.

More info:


Cela fait déjà un moment que je partage ce même sentiment et cette même inquiétude quant au point de rupture évoqué dans “Nos enfants vont mal“ par via

I have just discovered that the `File System Access API` provides a way to create, open, read and writes files directly in JavaScript… 😳

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