Something about this account is broken, my feed always seems to be empty! I've taken this opportunity to move over to, feel free to follow me there!

Some days ago, @daviwil published an intro to #Guix channels:

As usual, it’s clear and pleasant and covers entry-level material and useful tips & tricks!

“Everyday Use of the #GNU #Guix Package Manager”, by System Crafters’ @daviwil:

Great intro to everything you need to know to get started and beyond! 👏🏽

System Crafters made a nice video introduction to #GNU #Guix: (51 mn)

It’s an intro but it goes in depth, gently diving into package definitions and OS declarations.

I've neglected this account for a while. Time to fix that!

I've been having a ton of fun lately hacking on GNU Guix packages. Pretty close to having everything set up so I can replace Manjaro with it at my day job!

Tired of Twitter, looking forward to finding interesting folks to follow here on Mastodon. Anyone talking about ?


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