Nan == Not a Number

NlaN == Nothing like a Number

NectaN == Not even close to a Number

NtbsnaaN == Nice try but still not actually a Number

NaNnotspaaNawnekaNiaNjooaeaaidp == Not a Number, not on the same planet as any Numbers, and would not even know a Number if a Number jumped out of an equation and ate its decimal point

@daycode @natecull did you see the article about the guy that got the personalised plate NULL .. and 27000 traffic fines to go with it?


That's nice, but I just don't get OCaml.

<< Once a binding refers to a value, it cannot refer to anything else (unless it explicitly contains a mutable value, discussed later). However, you may create a new binding of the same name which shadows the previous binding; from that point onward, the binding will refer to the newly assigned value. >>

So, immutable, unless mutable, and also, mutable?

@natecull @daycode Immutable-but-shadowable is a common pattern. It's a pretty academic difference to the programmer but it's very helpful to the compiler.

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