@alastc Yup. That’s (in part) where this toot originated from! Love, love, love my new WCAG 2.1 success criteria.

Also, feels super weird to use the verb “tooting” (he types, before hitting the TOOT! button)

There’s a special kind of place in hell for developers who script functionalities that trigger on (mouse) down events.

Next up, removing links to Facebook and Twitter from other accounts.

Also, "A Few Thoughts About Facebook Bans and Free Speech", by John Marshall is worth the read: talkingpointsmemo.com/edblog/a

Went a step further today, by deactivating my Facebook account (which had been mostly inactive since 2017), and making changes to my Twitter bio to reflect the hiatus. I think I've been on both platforms long enough. Hopefully this place gets more crowded, otherwise, I might just disconnect from micro-blogging altogether.

@yatil i made that jump yesterday, and it’s an incredibly difficult one to make. I’m leaving a lot behind by doing so, feeling like I can rebuild a base elsewhere, but the mastodon community is too small to become that other place - yet. Maybe LinkedIn? One thing for sure, shelving my account is a statement. And it comes at a price.

@nethermind Also, it's kind of exciting and humbling to be building from scratch all over again.

@nethermind it feels kind of ridiculous to be tooting, but then again, so was tweeting 11 years ago.

Finally doing what I should have done months ago... Leave Twitter, and join the Federation.

I'll miss the engagement, but I sure as hell won't miss a platform that supports harassment, abuse, bigotry and the fucking nazis.


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