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Humanizing Systems: Magical Realism in Pans Labyrinth and Sorry To Bother You

I’m back with a big ol’ video essay!
Take a look at these films through some Intersectionality Theory

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Ancestors: Starve to Thirst — ep. 28

Leaps and bounds forward! It’s about time we evolve! And to take care with those leaps, the predators seem much closer now.

Cardgames: Math Class Antics — ep. 5

We revisit grade school stunts to get kids invested in math through the power of music.
With apologies to the Italians.

Ancestors: Tussle or Scuffle — ep. 26

This episode we toss rocks at a beehive then get drunk off bad fruit and decide to pick a fight with a big cat.

Cardgames: Kool Aid Powder — ep. 4

It’s time for some college stories as we throw down in a Go Fish rematch

Ancestors: Snake Avoidance — ep. 25

Diego re-relitigates the early game design while Kyo over here stares a crocodile down like a deer does headlights.

Ancestors: Dying from Water and Teeth — ep. 24

We have what could be truly described as a battle with a big ol kitty cat, and come out worse for wear but better informed.

Ancestors: Two-Headed Four-Armed Very Thirsty Monkey Monster — ep. 23

We set out on a new quest to our old homelands with a pair of brothers. One is, and I cannot stress this enough, named Dut.

Crazy Eights: Patreon Preview August 2020

This is only a slice of the stream, but the rest I want to put up under a new banner so that'll come soon.
Watch Diego and Astra duke it out with randos Kaitlyn and Julie over some Crazy Eights

Bohemian Rhapsody — MicroEssay#1

Video essays take a long time to make, but what if they didn't?
Welcome to the MicroEssay, a new format I'm trying to get ideas out in concentrated packets when half an hour of supporting material would feel like fluff.

Fall Guys – Left's Stream

Today we sell out!
Diego tries out Fall Guys to see what the hype is all about.

Forget the Brakes! — Left’s Play

We enter the train dimension and explore more games that contributed to the massive Bail Funds Itch Bundle.

Vienna Automobile Society — Left's Stream

Check out another entry in the massive BLM bail fund bundle from itch!
Real Time Strategy meets Racing in this slapdash stream.

Dorfromantik — Left's Stream

Let's explore some of the games from the massive BLM bail fund bundle from itch!
Dorfromantik is a chill village-building strategy game

Ancestors: Ayy Must be the Monkey — ep. 15

This episode we ride some highs and hit some lows as we journey past where we've been before on a quest to develop some neuronals

Ancestors: Send Me On My Cwe — ep. 14

We revisit old demons so we can learn about new zones. Conquer Zones.

Ancestors: Smooth Grooming — ep. 13

It’s all up from here. Except both the death-defying jumps, which, actually, are down at a very high velocity.

Ancestors: Make Baby — ep. 12

Time for the truly robust matchmaking engines of the Ancestors game to figure optimal pairing for our now grown-up monkeys.

Ancestors: Pass Generation — ep. 11

We attempt to make some changes stick over a longer period of time by trying out the Generations mechanic!

Ghost Doodle: Patreon Preview February 2020 (pt.2)

In this continuation of Friday's video, Diego and Justin are joined by Astra to play an old Google Doodle

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