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Humanizing Systems: Magical Realism in Pans Labyrinth and Sorry To Bother You

I’m back with a big ol’ video essay!
Take a look at these films through some Intersectionality Theory

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Dorfromantik — Left's Stream

Let's explore some of the games from the massive BLM bail fund bundle from itch!
Dorfromantik is a chill village-building strategy game

Ancestors: Ayy Must be the Monkey — ep. 15

This episode we ride some highs and hit some lows as we journey past where we've been before on a quest to develop some neuronals

Ancestors: Send Me On My Cwe — ep. 14

We revisit old demons so we can learn about new zones. Conquer Zones.

Ancestors: Smooth Grooming — ep. 13

It’s all up from here. Except both the death-defying jumps, which, actually, are down at a very high velocity.

Ancestors: Make Baby — ep. 12

Time for the truly robust matchmaking engines of the Ancestors game to figure optimal pairing for our now grown-up monkeys.

Ancestors: Pass Generation — ep. 11

We attempt to make some changes stick over a longer period of time by trying out the Generations mechanic!

Ghost Doodle: Patreon Preview February 2020 (pt.2)

In this continuation of Friday's video, Diego and Justin are joined by Astra to play an old Google Doodle

You Are A Wizard: Patreon Preview February 2020 (pt.1)

Back in February Diego and Justin played You Are A Wizard twice in a row!

Ancestors: Make Friend — ep. 10

We leap into and promptly out of danger! Turns out birds were big and we are very, very small.

Animal Crossing: Competition! — ep. 2

Diego, Lucy, and Tennessee compete in fashion shows, maze running, and hide and seek

Ancestors: Spiritual Inception — ep. 9

Diego talks a little bit about why meat was important to our evolutionary past, and why it may be different now.

Ancestors: Reach the Conquer Zone — ep. 8

Diego finally explains his thoughts on shaking the coconut tree.
We find the meteorite and appreciate some birds. Now to figure out what this zone deal is about…

Ancestors: Fight Vacuum — ep. 7

Today we battle against the ancient enemies of our kind: staying on task and noise from vacuum cleaners!

Animal Crossing: Exploring Helecho — ep. 1

We explore Diego’s island and play some fun games with Lucy and Sonny! We talk about ascribing personality to villagers and whether the island is a summer camp.

Ancestors: Monkey Hit Rock — ep. 6

So koalas aren’t the most intelligent animals, and have been known to sit out in the rain, cold and miserable, not knowing better than to get under cover.
Totally un-related to the events of this episode, i swear.

Puzzle Pelago: A Drag and Drop Economy — Left's Review

Sonny and Tennessee take a quick look at the slick road-building puzzle game Puzzle Pelago.

Ancestors: Form Couple — ep. 3

The HUD is missing! After a brilliant pile-based discovery, Cwe finds himself lost in context as the UI disappears.
Will Cwe unlock the HUD? Will Gwu accept grooming? Will we form a couple? Only time can tell...

(especially considering that since my taxes were filed as a dependent last year I dont even get the 1200 lol)

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I'm still upset that the museum didn't try to keep contracted food workers on some form of payroll, but I could see how trying to guarantee pay to a sub-sub-contractor through the contractor would be tricky. Not impossible though.
But compared to other places laying off all workers whose jobs are in-person, I'm glad I get my 'just enough to break even' paycheck

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