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Humanizing Systems: Magical Realism in Pans Labyrinth and Sorry To Bother You

I’m back with a big ol’ video essay!
Take a look at these films through some Intersectionality Theory

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story time, mixed 

story time, mixed 

i wish i could rejoice twitter being down with the rest of y'all but to be perfectly honest a good 80% of my revenue comes through twitter. the number one referrer on pretty much every game i make is from twitter. if it doesn't come back, i'll be fucking scrambling

(Disclosure neither were, uh, spotless, and the intersection of their work isnt perfect either, but godammit we arent even at that as the floor)

I was lucky enough to be in an anth department where every prof would agree with me but fuckin boaz was almost a hundred years ago and marx was more fuckin we've known this shit for so long

I dont get why every anthropologist isnt a communist or socialist, at least some version of marxian

When Franz Boas revolutionized anthropology by seeing native alaskans on the ice and saying "if i was where they are I would die, what makes me better than them?" and institutionalizing Cultural Relativism——whenever a maintenance person comes to the apartment I have basically the same thought. There is no unskilled labor, there is no unskilled culture, pay people the same godammit

a blog just started following me on tumblr and its a buncha pics of atlatls and i was into it then it hard cut to the surprised uncensored porn on tumblr like some kind of unicorn

us pol, americorp 

us pol 

us pol 

this job i'm looking at is only part time but i'd get to live in the same city as my s/o and i'd get to do something that just gets me so fucking pumped goddamn

Cadence of Hyrule: Rule of Threes — ep. 2

Diego recounts the horror story of indie game Threes, and why protections could be helpful for small creators — if they were actually enforced.

oh no i accidentally clicked on the Beto trend on twitter now my ads are gonna get all fucked up this is truly the worst outcome of algorithms i can think of nothing worse

Kerbal Space Program: The Pyramids We Live With — ep. 6

We conclude this session of Kerbal Space Program with a daring rescue mission!
We try to take an international approach to the complexity of the history we cannot undo.

i think im getting taste immunity to switch cartridges

Cadence of Hyrule: I Have Mechanical Differences — ep. 1

Diego and Justin introduce Cadence of Hyrule, a rhythm rogue-like made by indie studio Brace Yourself Games with the official Nintendo license for Zelda.
In this episode we mostly talk mechanics, but bring in the larger topic: licensing, IP, and copyright.

Kerbal Space Program: Help Me Flag — ep. 5

Today we talk about Kerbal’s idealized rocketry, and the complications of turning something like the cold war into a binary.
But also the complications of, well. complicating it.

Baba Is You: To Be a Hot Rabbit — ep. 5

We finish up Baba by questioning how to tell what rules in our world can or can’t change, and raise that some could be changed but shouldn't. RoboCop gives us a call, too!

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