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Prey: Gluscassini for Goober — ep. 4

Diego hits something he wasn't supposed to.
Something hits Diego that wasn't supposed to.
Astra gets Diego to hit something that was very rude to hit.

“Now you’re thinking like a proper duct rat.”

‪heather you have a game already where a character is in the process of trying out a name and/or pronouns so they change partway thru, maybe pick up and drop and consider another?‬

Prey: Ambien for Pigeons — ep. 3

Diego spends an episode pretending today is totally normal. Just need to make the bed, take a shower, brew some tea. Anything to forget the weird body in the hall!

Prey: Oregon is on the Coast – ep. 2

We’re finally out of Morgan’s apartment and talk about the dreaded Trolley Problem.
We also learn where Mount Rainier is.

One of her contemporaries was Ruth Benedict and she was great
just didn't write in a way that would catch the public eye, though

Talking to old people and mentioning anthropology they sometimes still go "oh, like Margaret Mead? I read some of her books!"
It's cool to have that context point, and she said cool stuff like 'teenager is a culturally constructed age category' and like talked about sex sometimes in the 30s wtf thats cool
Plus to have the public face of your study be a woman, that's great
But also I want someone.. a little more updated in thought let's say

its such a shame that anthropology's biggest public persona started in the 20s and talked about how she studies samoans because they're simpler so she didnt need as much background to start like she would if she were to study the french or some culture 'more complex'

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whenever i send an email i helpfully use the subject line "An email from me"

im about to have a real busy month but dammit i wanna buy pubg

become a lefts play patreon so i dont feel bad about buying pubg

Prey: 27 Is A Good Number – ep. 1

It’s Left’s Prey! Ha ha!

Here, we mess around in Morgan’s apartment, Diego is amazed at AAA games, and we find the bathroom!

And we have a Patreon now!!

film major is in disarray, and im doing more relevant work for lefts play than i am in my film classes :t

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