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The WebSummit requires a mobile app to register.

This Web thing is so cool, 70k person event cool.

If only someone could figure out how to sell conference tickets with it it'd have everything.

#websummit18 #ForEveryone #ForEveryoneWithASmartphoneAndABunchOfMoney


Also pipenv and pip aren't playing very well together recently (github.com/pypa/pipenv/issues/ has a solution thankfully).

All in all, virtual environments have been giving me some headaches. But still better than the alternative.

Found a fix and posted it to the bug. Need to relax the dependencies for the underlying Alpine Linux distro.

So today I've learned a new distro with a new packaging tool (apk - maybe same as Android?).

Containerization makes spinning up a test & dev environment easy, except when it doesn't. Heh.

Just tried it on Linux. Fails there too. I guess I get to open a Phabricator ticket.

For all one of you following along, this *should* (and back in July used to) work:

git clone github.com/wmde/wikibase-docke
cd wikibase-docker
cp docker-compose-build.yml docker-compose.yml
docker-compose build

but fails for me with "Service 'wdqs-frontend' failed to build" due to an error in the alpinelinux build script

For that matter I'm taking it on faith that Docker will work on Mac like it does on Linux, because I don't have the scratch to have a Mac lying around just to test these things out.

Which means inevitably people will run into problems on their Macs in the workshop and I'll be clueless as to how to help them.

Currently trying to build the Wikibase Docker images on Windows, because I want to help those who aren't Linux or Mac users do cool things.

It worked for me on Linux back in July. It's not working on Windows now. I guess my next step is to try building it on Linux again. Could be the change of OS, or could be changes to the components these images depend on.

Oh Heraclitus.

ResearchGate does not recognize Code4Lib Journal as a journal.

Yet another reason to avoid RG.

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"Hello, my name is Ginni Rometty, and I pronounce Linux as LinAIX"

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I mean, if Google is going to the trouble of blocking right-click on images, maybe they could implement a "Zoom Image" function instead?

You too can resize images in Google Play Books!

Just pop open Dev Tools in your browser, and navigate through html body iframe html body div div div table tbody tr td div div table tbody tr td div div div div div div div img

Then you can pop open the URL for the img in a new tab and hit CTRL+ to expand it so you can actually read the text in the table, or whatever.

No, Play Books does not let you right-click and Inspect Element. Or resize the content.

My carefully crafted academic prose was critiqued vigorously today in our seminar. I was prepared for it, but still a bit defensive.

I've unlearned everything I had learned about simplicity and clarity as a technical writer, and I need to relearn those lessons.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to benefit from criticism in a safe space. It can be hard on the ego, but it's so valuable.

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Long story short: most of what has been published (78%) since 2012 falls into editorial/opinion/letter with very little empirical research. And it includes a nice discussion about "predatory" vs low-quality, acknowledging the complexity of the matter.

Versus our library, which just sent out a communication stating (with no nuance or invitation to discuss with a librarian) that Cabell's Directory is how you can "verify the bona fides" of whether a given journal is good or bad. <facepalm>

Mmm, nice recent scoping review on predatory publishing:

Cobey, K. D., Lalu, M. M., Skidmore, B., Ahmadzai, N., Grudniewicz, A., & Moher, D. (2018). What is a predatory journal? A scoping review. F1000Research, 7. doi.org/10.12688/f1000research

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Speaking of repair & maintenance, I just uploaded the 1.3.0 release of the PHP library File_MARC (fixes an index ordering bug, and adds support for reading the MARC-in-JSON serialization instead of just outputting it).

I have been maintaining that library since 2006!

Hey @edsu is action research (or some variation thereof) a main method for you?

From the outside it certainly seems like it...

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me, pointing at walking sim: "game"
me, pointing at VN: "game"
gamer, sobbing: "you can't just point at every thing on a computer and call them games"
me, pointing at excel: "game"

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