Moving on from here and splitting my presence in two:

* personal / librarian stuff at
* scholarly pursuits / research stuff at

I hope you'll follow one or both, if you're interested in communicating with me!

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"In this case, St. Martin's Press seems to have assigned the same ISBN (9781466879003) to e-book versions of both Water in Plain Sight and Born Bright." -- LIBRARIAN SIGH

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It's 2019 and you can join the fun remotely! Here are links to all the live streams:

Library SEO re-revisited 

Five years ago I complained publicly and loudly about commercial discovery layers killing discoverability through search engines with restrictive robots.txt files (

Cornell what are you doing?

Stanford gets it though:

(This SEO moment prompted by @platypus)

One of the paper's conclusions: "we should modify vocab2 to accommodate the whole vocab1 elements so as to represent metadata in a straightforward manner in line with vocab1"

Or how about we just use vocab1's elements in conjunction with vocab2 for that subset of gaps?

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Reading a paper about how RDF vocab 1 cannot be mapped onto RDF vocab 2 (expressing overlapping domains) because vocab 2 is missing some classes and properties.

I'm wondering if the author is missing one of the main points of RDF, or if I'm naively assuming that mixing vocabs to gain the best of both is the usual practical solution.

Revisited a software project I last touched a year ago. Was able to fix about five bugs (some pretty severe), handle data updates in a cleaner way, and move from virtualenv to pipenv.

It felt good. I haven't done much coding for a while, but apparently I still have some Python 3 + PostgreSQL chops.

Too bad I'm supposed to be doing some heavy reading & a bit of writing instead! Oh well...

Workplace 2FA implementation gripes 

Work enabled 2FA a few months back. I jumped on the TOTP option. Their other "2FA" option was a secret Q&A (whaaaat?)

Now it's time to change my password (expiry policies despite NIST and Schneier et al, sigh) and the password reset web page **doesn't use 2FA**. Just log in with your old password.

What in the what? Half-assed 2FA, that's what.

Ice from three stories up fell on my head today. (Thank you toque for cushioning the blow.)

A half block later, snow almost got me.

Then snow dumped from a downtown highrise on the sidewalk in front of me.

Is the universe telling me to drop this class in writing a literature review?

Just set up monthly donations to @conservancy to provide more stable funding for a really important non-profit.

Oh and Karen and Bradley recently resurrected the Free-as-in-Freedom oggcast (!

It is 14C in my apartment and I am shivering like crazy so going to bundle up and head out into the -16C (-27C w/windchill) for a walk to warm up.

There is something seriously wrong with me, I know...

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Finally getting around to changing some of my traditionally year-end nonprofit donations into monthly support recurrences.

3 benefits:
- More stability for the nonprofit to have funding spread out over 12 months
- Monthly instance of me thinking about the principles & work I support
- Even if I lose my income source in November, I've still given something while I could

A key academic resource that only runs on Win98... in the browser?

It's a self-published CD-ROM that focuses on a historical niche that one of our profs has assigned for the past number of years. Chances seem about zero that the author will ever update it.

I had it installed on a locked-down laptop on reserve. The laptop has disappeared.

At this point I am strongly considering trying to tailor (Windows 98 running via JS in your browser) to solve the problem.

RDA cataloguing discussion 

"I don't have any issues with these requirements as such. If I understand them correctly, they state rather obvious things in rather complicated language, which seems quite in line with the recent development of RDA." - Heidren Wiessenmüller,

Sounds like the start of an interesting discussion...

Annual donations 

I just donated to the Internet Archive (

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Annual donations 

I just donated to the Wikimedia Foundation (

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Annual donations 

I just donated to the Mozilla Foundation (

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Annual donations 

I just donated to the Software Freedom Conservancy (@conservancy /

Technical debt / possible disaster 

Aside: it looks like the servers haven't had OS-level updates for three months--the last time I dealt with an emergency issue while "on leave". So much for even the most basic level of support

Mood: head in hands

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Technical debt / possible disaster 

So much for being on leave...

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