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Hey developers, would you like to learn the fast and easy way to add keyboard shortcuts to your app? Check out our new documentation for GLib’s SimpleAction docs.elementary.io/develop/api

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Any hackers in #Toronto interested in networking and mesh networks? Toronto Mesh (tomesh.net) set up our first supernode yesterday!

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Elon Musk said "The left is losing the middle", and I think hes right, but no one is brave enough to say it, since when you leave the left or the right, they both attack you viciously.

I would even say that the right is losing the middle, there is a new group in the middle that is fed up with bi-partisan bull shit. Perhaps a third party will finally emerge again in America?

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@sir C++ is what you get when you start designing a language and you realise you're digging too much deep, and you decide to climb out of the hole by digging through the earth.

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Don't get me wrong, computers can absolutely help us regain our environmental efficiency. They just *aren't*.

Not as long as we're:
* constantly syncing everything to the cloud,
* expecting same-hour delivery,
* funding our clickbait via surveillance advertising,
* buying a new phone every year,
* using AIs because they're cool rather than useful,
* running bloated software & webpages,
* buying into "big data"
* etc

Computing is environmentally cheap, but it rapidly adds up!

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People on /r/linux would legit look at this and be like “I don’t like CSD. It uses up too much space. Not everyone has a huge monitor”

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Another site opens the stats! Check out @elementary stats. Extensive use of goal conversions too.

"The fast, open, and privacy-respecting replacement for Windows and macOS" now has fast, open and privacy-respecting public stats too! 👏


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fixed the ci and event behaviour of Caroline, a nice #vala based graph widget for Gtk by @dcharles525


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I finished reading World Wide Waste by Gerry McGovern. I'd consider it essential reading for anyone working with computers!


It's well cited (though I still need to check those citations) & uses maths effectively to make it's point.

That computers + (surveillance) capitalism is actually worse for the environment than the predigital era. That we can and must move slow and fix things, and fund that vital work directly.

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libhandy 0.82.0 released. This is the 3rd libhandy 1 alpha.


- HdyClamp replaces HdyColumn, it implements GtkOrientable
- hdy_list_box_separator_header() has been dropped
- You can help localizing libhandy at l10n.gnome.org/module/libhandy
- Perf improvements and code cleanups

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A great update just landed in NaSC, one of our favorite apps for elementary OS. More functions, better conversions, and a fresh new icon. appcenter.elementary.io/com.gi

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elementary OS is now available out of the box on over a dozen models from two OEMs. It’s now easier than ever to get elementary OS on well-supported hardware! Read more and check out our first two retailers: blog.elementary.io/now-shippin

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Plausible Analytics just hit 200 paying subscribers! 🔥

It took us over 1 year to go from 0 to 100 and now in just 1 month, we went from 100 to 200! Crazy! 😮

Thank you all for your support and trust! 👏

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Happy to have been selected for this for elementary-related work! Thanks, @SlimbookEs@twitter.com 🎉

RT @SlimbookEs@twitter.com

Giving full support to the open source contributors community

🐦🔗: twitter.com/SlimbookEs/status/

Saw some article with James Clapper as a source of information...did we all just forget he lied through his fucking teeth to the American public and the world? How the fuck is American media even listening to this guy?

It seems we've just forgotten about Snowden and what he unearthed.

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