The hypocrisy is amazing. Using mob tactics against Purism isn't going to help them, or the community. Its ok for people to have different ideoligies and ways of doing things. I always try to listen and understand the other side.

I have a lot of really out of context things on Mastodon today and it makes me sad because I truly believe people are misunderstanding Purism on a lot of levels. Plus isn't this part of the point of a federated network, freedom to do what you want with your network?

@dcharles525 Don't know the context, but your last sentence makes much sense. If basic rules are set up to allow mere functioning of things, attempts to widen the range of such rules over the whole federation negates the purpose of the federation.

@downey I'm not saying don't block Purism from your network (i assume thats what this means by ignore), but I always encourage people to listen and have an open mind towards things.

Continuously ignoring everyone you don't agree with creates an echo chamber, I don't agree with a lot of things people I follow post, but they have also changed mind on a lot things as well. (and i've made a lot of friends!)

But like your sticker says, freedom is...well freedom.

@downey @dcharles525 In their messaging, I don't see Purism standing against that idea. They just want to express it differently.

I'm not saying their idea will succeed, but I won't villify them for exploring it.

@dcharles525 it's not out of context at all that they've explicitly stated that they will allow hateful content on their platforms.

@brainblasted @dcharles525 Without knowing the context well, let me say:

If I create a E2EE app for chat am I allowing hateful content?
Yes, because I don't have any way to control it.
Is it bad?
Yes, hateful content is bad.
Is my app bad?
Not really, I'm just making people free to say whatever they want (which sadly includes hateful content).

Don't get me wrong, I'm just trying to reveal a weird situation in order to make all of us think.

PS: I'm not a native English speaker and blablabla.

@ekaitz_zarraga @dcharles525 @brainblasted I have a better idea!! let's make imposible to write hateful speech by having a company moderating all content written under an arbitrary point of view! And for this sake, they shouldn't allow e2ee messaging :DDDDDDDDDDD

and now lets apply this clever idea to all the internet and voilà, all the people living life in peace™

@dcharles525 thank you, I've been trying to figure out what Purism has made all day and I was wondering if it's just me that doesn't see anything wrong

Sure. It's also about the freedom of other sites to defederate from and shun them. They can run their site any way they want as long as it doesn't leak out to the rest of the fediverse.

@dcharles525 I think people are concerned that Purism is pulling a Google here. They've got a solid reputation in the community, but are all of sudden doing something very much anti-neighborly and some of the advice is trying to make them succeed.

I think one of the nice features of Mastodon is the ability to create intentional communities. Some of the advice, I think going to Purism, has been focused on the fact that unintentional, unmoderated communities have a tendency to sink to a very base and hostile environment as has been seen with the commercial social media giants. It would be a lot harder to clean up a toxic community than to start off with a healthy community.

The whole no public timeline for Librem users but Librem posts are made public seems to be a design flaw that hugely disadvantages their users, and I would have privacy concerns for users posting without realizing that it's being federated outside of their home timeline.

Maybe if instead of trying to run their own instance they offered a platform for self-hosting your own instances? That would align closely with both the ideal of freedom and allow them to absolve themselves from moderation outside of illegal content.

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