I finished reading World Wide Waste by Gerry McGovern. I'd consider it essential reading for anyone working with computers!


It's well cited (though I still need to check those citations) & uses maths effectively to make it's point.

That computers + (surveillance) capitalism is actually worse for the environment than the predigital era. That we can and must move slow and fix things, and fund that vital work directly.

Don't get me wrong, computers can absolutely help us regain our environmental efficiency. They just *aren't*.

Not as long as we're:
* constantly syncing everything to the cloud,
* expecting same-hour delivery,
* funding our clickbait via surveillance advertising,
* buying a new phone every year,
* using AIs because they're cool rather than useful,
* running bloated software & webpages,
* buying into "big data"
* etc

Computing is environmentally cheap, but it rapidly adds up!


@alcinnz "running bloated software & webpages" is a huge contributer to climate change, wish people would realize that.

Someone close to me works for AT&T and they realized they would run out of energy to supply their growing server farms, so they put research and dev into fixing it and they did, for now. We need financial incentive to solve this on a large scale, a tax on shitty software perhaps (like carbon tax? lol

@dcharles525 @alcinnz If, as you say, a lot of energy use is being caused by shitty software, then a carbon tax IS a tax on shitty software.

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