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Finally Berry (via nuxt-pnp), native ESM and runtime typescript landing to nuxt 2: github.com/nuxt/nuxt.js/pull/8

(This is a part of nuxt2 backports plan to ensure we have a stable framework till it is time for nuxt3 upgrade πŸš€)

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Hello, my name is James. I'm a fmr Elections Admin of a large urban county, am registered @GOP@twitter.com, and actively work with hundreds of jurisdictions across the US. For many reasons, the past week has been difficult. If you seek truth about US elections, please keep reading.

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Server-side rendering on edge is cool but what if it is directly possible via service workers? πŸ™€

(Spoiler: It is almost possible!)

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HTML Validator module by @danielcroe@twitter.com

βœ“ Reduce hydration errors
βœ“ Detects common accessibility mistakes
βœ“ Zero-configuration required


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These are the measures to be announced by the PM at 5, as I understand it. They will last 2 December. And they are, In effect, a new β€œTier 4” that will be imposed for a month initially to the whole of England. 1) All pubs and restaurants to close, though takeaways...

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The smell of fresh baked bread never gets old! πŸ˜‹

Looking forward to this.

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The World Vue Summit #3 is soon starting! Join us October 29th at:

9:00 AM PDT
12:00 PM EST
4:00 PM UTC
6:00 PM CEST
9:30 PM IST


Speakers from:



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If you need any pointers implementing a @nuxt_js@twitter.com app with Composition API please do send me a DM or drop me a line on the Nuxt Discord. 😊


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Really enjoyed chatting to @Yagaboosh@twitter.com and @wonder95@twitter.com about the @nuxt_js@twitter.com Composition API and Vue 3.

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Check out this week's episode of about Vue Composition API and Nuxt with Daniel Roe

Apple Podcasts @ApplePodcasts@twitter.com @cmaxw@twitter.com @devchattv@twitter.com @wonder95@twitter.com @Yagaboosh@twitter.com @deane_venske@twitter.com @JSJabber@twitter.com

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@RoyalMailHelp@twitter.com Any way to make contact with the driver? We so appreciate the work you do, but this is a little bit of a pain. It's not like we're anywhere but home πŸ˜†

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This is now the second weekend in a row that @RoyalMail@twitter.com hasn't even rung the bell, but just left a red card. Last time, it was a perishable item. 😐

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