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NEW: lots of attention on ONS Infection Survey today, but some confusion over how it should (and should not) be used to asses whether England’s fall in cases is "real"

Quick thread:

Most attention has gone on ONS “% of people testing positive” metric showing a continued rise

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Hey @tesla@twitter.com you might want to get somebody check that bsdiff rig that generates patches, it seems to have broken so all people on 2021.12.25.x now receive full firmare at 1.9G instead of a 130M patch. Imagine that EoM bill.

hint, bsdiff requires 17x RAM size from source file

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The preview of the new design of nuxtjs.org is open for feedback and contributions.


You may find something related to Nuxt 3 in there 👀

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Edge Side Rendering is coming to Nuxt 2 and Nuxt 3 thanks to the upcoming Nuxt Nitro.

Learn more about it with @danielcroe@twitter.com 👀

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Rewatch the talk by @danielcroe@twitter.com, Framework Architect at @nuxtlabs@twitter.com, in which he showcases the next-generation rendering engine that will power and 👉 youtu.be/ApUPE8b-m04

is back in Theater Amsterdam this October:🎫 bit.ly/VuejsGlobal

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Build your next application with confidence using @nuxt_js@twitter.com, a framework making web development simple and powerful.

Contributors: @_pi0_@twitter.com @TheAlexLichter@twitter.com @danielcroe@twitter.com @h0merjam@twitter.com

Get a grip on at :

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It’s time 🥁

Our star project, that we are very proud of, is OFFICIAL! 🎉

Say hello to - @NuxtNation@twitter.com Conference 🎤
1st online @nuxt_js@twitter.com conference brought by @VueSchool_io@twitter.com!

Date: 15th September, 2021
Tickets: FREE ✅

Wait until you hear the topics! 💣

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It is unclear whether I'll be getting any sleep tonight...

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How did you heard about @nuxt_js@twitter.com (1st time)?

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If you're looking to join @PolyworkHQ@twitter.com, try this invite code, and come connect with me at poly.work/danielroe.


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If you haven't heard, @nuxt_js@twitter.com just released their new Nuxt Image module and it is a game changer! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

For a quick overview of what's so amazing about it, we got just the blog post for you here: ntl.fyi/3j4KQJU

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This is the battle of the image tags! 🥊 Images are on 🔥 right now with @nuxt_js@twitter.com and both releasing their native image components.

I'm an image nerd and web standards geek. In this video I compare Nuxt and Next and how they handle images.


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Chrome has been collaborating with web frameworks to improve performance out of the box. Announcements from @shubhie@twitter.com & our team: web.dev/aurora && web.dev/conformance at

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The team at @around_hq@twitter.com are really killing it with their latest set of updates - amazing!


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I've been using Nuxt Images and it is a game-changer when it comes to the DX for image optimization.

1️⃣ Add full-sized + max-res image to app
2️⃣ Use built-in `<nuxt-img>` component to set required size per device
3️⃣ Profit 💰

Mad props @nuxt_js@twitter.com team!


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I'm looking for open source developers for our new applications team. Opportunity to work on official extensions to Sanity Studio, and collaborate with the companies that set the standard for modern web applications and digital services.

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The Guardian's website is down entirely, so this thread is now our formal liveblog for the Fastly outage.

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Looking forward to seeing @jasperketone@twitter.com and @Kapcash@twitter.com at the event 😊! Message me your details and I'll make sure you get those tickets.

If anyone else would like to come, drop me a DM and I may be able to sort you out with a discount code.

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