Top quality jokes from the 4y/o...

Knock Knock!
Who's there?
Jokey who?
Jokey the fire truck..ha ha ha ha ha

And now answers to @cosullivan 's 5Qs for October.


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Been a bit delinquent with posts lately. Updated the Pi serving my space to NetBSD 9.1 this evening, and getting the October 5Qs replies done in the nick of time!

First up @tbn97 's questions: gemini://

I quite like the fact that you can get 10 years of security updates / support for a Linux distribution, and I definitely understand why companies pay Red Hat for that. It just gets tricky these days supporting software on it, when things move very quickly.

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Exciting day in land. 33 is out... and it's also 33 days remaining before RHEL 6 is end of life, and I no longer have to worry about supporting software on it for $work. Woo!

All the worlds ills can be solved temporarily by some Edwin Starr played loud in good hadphones. Possibly followed with Soul Bossa Nova as you prance around the house with a rye and ginger 😄 🥃

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Think I've decided that music peaked in 1968 with this track...


It is exceptionally disturbing how often the crazy conspiracy theories of the day are coming up in what would have once been 'normal' social interactions.

I generally consider that I'm mostly interacting with people who wouldn't fall for these things, but it's just rampant.

October in the suburbs... time to switch on the creepy blinking eyes on the garage door 👀👀👀

Well, lesson learned this weekend.

Before hastily jettisoning hobby computing stuff in despair after getting really fed up with some work related, and other tech things... I should immerse myself in music and the garden for a couple of days. Makes the world a better place.

You'd think I would have learnt this after 37 years... I've done this before a couple of times 🤔

Interrupted earlier... so trying a bit of trancey time on @tilderadio now

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So in Texas, thanks to a Republican governor we can't have more than one official drop box per county because 'fraud'...

.... but in California the Republican party is going to refuse to stop putting out unofficial drop boxes because ?

Everything in this country about elections confuses and maddens me.

Starting a new Prime Day tradition... sending the amount of money we used to send to Mr Bezos to a worthy charity instead.

Don't think Amazon is hurting for our lack of spending there... but at least we are no longer personally contributing to that absurd accumulation of wealth.

Right - well... only made it 2 weeks, not a month or so.... but it has been a nice little break.

Time to see if I can make my timeline a bit less tech dominated and dive in again 🙂

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