After an hour of trying to figure out why I don't get anything useful from processing the signal, I looked at the first line again:

f = open("noise-<params>.dat")

The output gets quite a bit saner once there is actually something to see in the input.

"[...] signals radiated by an antenna result from the distribution of
the exciting currents on the antenna"

Not to be confused with boring currents, which don't produce a signal?

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Best student answer to "Implement the <whatever> algorithm ...":

"I implemented it -- go me!"


turns out pub quizzes are much harder if you didn't grow up in the country the quiz is in (or at least lived there for a long time)

still fun though

Can't make it for today, but Rocky Horror Picture Show is on in a local cinema next week, so that should be fun.

Enjoy the film everybody!

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It's about time I stop complaining about this room, but:

socket placement: two under the desk, two _behind_ the bed (blocked), two in a random corner

I guess the thinking was "who needs more than two sockets for their desk"

Got some formatting work done on the website and reorganised things so that the directories make sense and pages aren't just sitting in the root. Rewrite rules should make sure no old links break (hoping I got them right)

There's free coffee... but no mug that could hold it

New uni accommodation: now with lights that turn off if a motion sensor doesn't detect anything for a while!

Of course, working at the desk doesn't trigger it.

... why 😕

Stupid workaround:

1) copy the contacts database (contacts2.db) from old, fortunately rooted, phone
2) write some SQL to pull the names and numbers out
3) convert to vCard (used
4) copy to the other phone and import

Again, there is really no reason for things to be this complicated.

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> How do I transfer contacts from an old Android phone to a new one?

use a cloud service

> ... how do I do it _without_ an external service?

nope, use a cloud service

... this really shouldn't be this complicated

How to waste a lot of time while typesetting your dissertation:

Step 1: manage to create a .tex file that crashes ghostscript

Step 2: spend hours trying to fix it instead of sleeping

Step 3: remember that pdflatex exists, try to use it, get surprised when it turns out to work

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Juicy #Elixir #Erlang #Rust:

‘this posed one big problem on the server side: We needed a data structure capable of holding hundreds of thousands of entries, sorted in a particular way that can accept and process tons of mutations, and can report back indices of where things are being added and removed. … let’s put on our Computer Science helmets and go spelunking into the caves of data structure design.‘

Finally! A compelling need for advanced computer science!

Weird Android behaviour of the day: copying a file to Downloads/ may or may not make it show up in the downloads app

(depending on your device and how much it likes you?)

Getting the most out of naming a new concept:

"The Quefrency Alanysis [sic] of Time Series for Echoes: Cepstrum, Pseudo Autocovariance, Cross-Cepstrum and Saphe Cracking"


This might not be the best idea, but my desktop now includes a dissertation progress tracker (shows the word count) 📚

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