Stupid workaround:

1) copy the contacts database (contacts2.db) from old, fortunately rooted, phone
2) write some SQL to pull the names and numbers out
3) convert to vCard (used
4) copy to the other phone and import

Again, there is really no reason for things to be this complicated.

> How do I transfer contacts from an old Android phone to a new one?

use a cloud service

> ... how do I do it _without_ an external service?

nope, use a cloud service

... this really shouldn't be this complicated

How to waste a lot of time while typesetting your dissertation:

Step 1: manage to create a .tex file that crashes ghostscript

Step 2: spend hours trying to fix it instead of sleeping

Step 3: remember that pdflatex exists, try to use it, get surprised when it turns out to work

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Juicy #Elixir #Erlang #Rust:

‘this posed one big problem on the server side: We needed a data structure capable of holding hundreds of thousands of entries, sorted in a particular way that can accept and process tons of mutations, and can report back indices of where things are being added and removed. … let’s put on our Computer Science helmets and go spelunking into the caves of data structure design.‘

Finally! A compelling need for advanced computer science!

Weird Android behaviour of the day: copying a file to Downloads/ may or may not make it show up in the downloads app

(depending on your device and how much it likes you?)

Getting the most out of naming a new concept:

"The Quefrency Alanysis [sic] of Time Series for Echoes: Cepstrum, Pseudo Autocovariance, Cross-Cepstrum and Saphe Cracking"


Finally wrote something to put on the Internet: a short text on problems I had with microcontroller instruction timings and what I did to fix them

"Download the pre-trained model"

That sounds convenient, just a tiny file, it's already trained after all-


So much for my intuition.

First reaction: "oh that's why the plot is wrong, I'm plotting an intermediate result"

A moment later: "wait, Matlab doesn't have scoping for loop-local variables?"


More weird things: you need an account to enable USB debugging.

Apparently the default Huawei browser autocorrects words in URLs after you type a "." (so your domain name gets replaced).

I have no idea how this makes any sense at all.

Getting a tablet and laptop to communicate:

"No devices connected"

Changing settings doesn't help, could be a faulty USB cable? Let's try another...

"No devices connected"

More settings, tried a third cable...

"No devices connected"

I'm out of options, time to try a fourth cable, and it _works_.

I guess that the point here is 1) don't trust random 10cm USB cables and 2) technology is black magic.

For those interested in security and CTFs: the SANS Holiday Hack Challenge is up, and from the time I spent messing with it so far, it looks quite fun.

Term's over, finally some time to sleep 💤

(and return to Mastodon?)

Wi-fi on long-distance buses might be the biggest improvement to travel I've seen

(after trains that arrive at least kindof on time)

Note to self: if your script is writing output, but the process reading it doesn't do what it should, you probably forgot to flush the output. Searching for the bug in the "get next command" handler is a great way to waste several hours, but it won't help.

List of impossible things:

- using superglue without getting it on your fingers

Several keys on my laptop keyboard stopped working (biggest problem: G and H).

Normal solution: get an external keyboard

Solution I went with: remap Caps Lock to G and PrtSc to H

Not reasonable at all, but hey, it works.

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