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Hi Mastodon, I killed my Twitter account a few weeks ago, and 15 minutes ago I pulled the plug on Facebook.

I wanna be your friend! We could talk about or or or maybe ? Maybe we could play frisbee and get a water-ice later?

How do I get into this scene?

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Everyone get your “we are so fucked!!” energy out. I got 75 texts on that level (“we are so dead” “this is it” “nice knowing ya” “we done”)—-cry/drink/eat bread/safe vices/etc get it all out. As long as y’all snap out of it and know what we have to do. We will get through this.

Me: [Sees joke about one's therapist] ha ha it me.

Also Me: [Too terrified to seek therapy because my mother used it to dominate me for years of my life, and now gaslights me on the regular about taking prescriptions]

OK kids, don't smoke.

Having said that, I used to buy a loose dutch blend called Jester that was smoky and herbal and just delightful and then the US jumped the tariffs on tobacco imports and a pouch went from $4 to $54.

At which point I found nothing else was worth smoking and I was mentioning this to a friend who remarked "Oh it's that smelly shit you used to smoke that made the house smell like Russian Caravan tea!"

So guess who's thoroughly enjoying a flavor he hasn't had since 2002?


This one guy said, "Look at that girl. She's got a nice butt." I said, "Yeah, I bet she can sit down excellently!"

--Mitch Hedberg

Office decor. US Robotics X2 modem, Kitty with Dragon, and Red Moon #2.

Last month I read an offhand comment from an oncology RN that said in essence "Bone Marrow donation is miracle-grade medicine. It can cure people and keep them well." They made a compelling argument and so I signed up for Be The Match.

Today I read this and had to ask myself: Would I fly on a plane if it could save someone's life?

I'd like to think I would.

My partner: This is totally you, _scrum-boy_...

Me: Is it tho? I mean, I sometimes maybe oversell how many meetings I'm in.

Partner: Trust me, you don't oversell it.

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this is 100% the correct response to unidentified people abducting protestors into unmarked vehicles

If you're bent with arthritis
Your bowels have got colitis
You've galloping ballicitus
And you're thinking it's time you died
If you've been a man of action
While you're lying there in traction
You may gain some satisfaction
Thinking "Jesus, at least I've tried."

-- Dubliners, Rambling Rover

You're asking me about my theories? I've waited so long for anyone to ask me about my theories! Come with me, i made a model!

H, singing softly: "Summer breeze, dries out my pits, and I found out that Dairy gives me shi-i-i-its."

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"All the while, clusters of retro gamers across the country egged Ferretti on in private messages and on forums, leveraging his apparent instability and misogynist inclinations against women they didn’t want in the scene."

JFC there's a reason I don't talk about video games anymore. I look at the culture and I see rot. Just disgusting. And yes, I'm talking about you dipshit.

/thread. I'm alive, unscorched, and the microwave still works.

Stressful. Gonna have a celebratory tequila next.

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