Social networks are now really bad at helping you be social. You can't find anyone on purpose, despite being bombarded with suggestions based on whatever data you gave them. The search features on FB and Insta are so bad they should just remove them.

So I finally saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs today. So the lesson is, if you screw up big and destroy an entire town, the townsfolk will still cheer for you afterwards if you prevent your screw up from going global?

"Most of us have too much baggage, too many commitments, and too many priorities."

I was interviewed and now it's on Medium. Not promoted anywhere yet, though; so if you see something that needs fixing, let me know. :)

Ever forget about a musical act for over a decade and then rediscover them and have your mind blown? That just happened for me with Nightmares On Wax.

5 weeks later, I feel well again. I went on a 21 mile ride today and felt out of shape, but not like dirt. The 2018 Sinus Siege seems to have abated.

"When you’re big, every initiative turns big, like it or not. Except the small things are often all that’s necessary."

" our confrontation with an enormous and cold universe, there's something comical to the idea that we can really enforce our will on humanity"

"Can't talk to a psycho like a normal human being"

"There's gonna be content here, I promise! I can feel it a'comin'!"

When did pulsating wireframes become THE new loading animation?

Lucy (6), showing me her letter to Santa: "Just so you know, you are Santa."

I'm either going to the office tomorrow or going to court to file the divorce papers.

I'm to the point where if I wake up at 7 I'm over the death rattles by 10, then just have a nice coughing fit every 15 minutes. That won't bother my coworkers tomorrow, right?

Profound words today in a Slack: "Let's see if we can make it past November 6 first."

I apply this thinking to many scenarios, "Let's see if we can make it past [insert today's date here] first."

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