My reaction to most of what the central govt does:

@dearthofsid Love the BJP posters in Kerala where it says " Welcome to Kerala, Amit Shaji".

@dearthofsid is there a version of knowyourmeme explaining stuff from the subcontinent?

@saper There's no one platform to do that because the subcontinent has people using so many different languages. Most people from the subcontinent except a few wouldn't get the above meme either since this is from Malayalam, a language used in the southern most state of India called Kerala.

@dearthofsid I thought it was just a picture, like a snapshot of some movie. Yes, the diversity of languages is amazing.

@saper Yes, it's a snapshot of a certain scene which went viral. The ones who have watched the film will remember the dialogues with it.

@saper It's called Kumbalangi Nights, a Malayalam movie from 2019.

@saper @dearthofsid It's really sweet that you are interested. I mean..that's a new for us..

Typical #birdsite replies to memes like this would be 90% abuses for posting a meme with local flavor/in a local language and the rest 10% abuses for being a Keralite(a person from Kerala who showed the right wing politicians the boot in the recent elections and hence the animosity).

Thank U.. :flan_thumbs:

Also, thank you for the 500 characters! :chaos_emerald_blue:

@vasdna @dearthofsid The kindness is all yours! Patiently explaining the basics to a clueless person from cold north.

I use to follow the account called Rushdie Explains India until it got renamed and became less interesting. Maybe you guys could create something like that here.

@dearthofsid ok who is this?? I really thought it was imaad shah

@RateUnrate this is Shane Nigam, an actor. It's a popular scene from a popular movie.

@dearthofsid oh kumbalangi nights! Right. I have heard about it.

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